New Here...CVS anyone?

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New Here...CVS anyone?
Fri, 04-30-2010 - 9:08pm
Hi All, I'm new here 8 weeks pregnant now and hoping things continue along without any problems.
I just turned 43 last week. Wondering how many of you are considering Chromosomal testing and if so..a CVS (chorionic zilla sampling) versus other testing?
I have had 2 miscarriages just prior to this pregnancy and an earlier pregnancy at age 35 that was a downs pregnancy that ended in a miscarriage at almost 18 weeks. It was devastating. What are your thoughts on the testing, etc?
pregnancy due date
pregnancy due date
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Fri, 04-30-2010 - 9:29pm

Hello, welcome, and congratulations! I hope you're feeling well so far. There are several threads about CVS, screening, and amniocentesis that you might want to check out. Some are relatively recent (like within the last month) and some are slightly older, but I can guarantee you that all of them, regardless of their age, are relevant. I think you'll find a myriad of opinions and experiences with each (CVS, NT screening, and amniocetesis). I'm sure you'll get some direct responses here, too, but in the meantime, it might be good reading for you to peruse the previous posts about this very subject.

I'm sorry to hear of your losses. I'm sending you lots of sticky baby vibes in hopes this little one sticks for you. Best wishes to you and please keep us posted on your progress and thoughts.



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Fri, 04-30-2010 - 9:35pm

I am sorry for your losses. I have a similar history. I had 7 consecutive losses before this pg, including the loss of a Down's pg at 16 weeks. My water broke after the amnio which made the pg nonviable (we did the screening tests first which showed a 1 in 4 risk). They tell me it was because of the Down's that my water broke, and they don't even consider that due to the amnio, and that it likely would have happened withing a few weeks anyway. Still, as a result I was very afraid of amnio with this pregnancy. We did the NT/blood screening tests again and while they were also positive for DS, they were lower than the average risk for my age and level 2 u/s's were all normal.I think our combined risk after the u/s's was 1 in 128. We elected not to do the amnio. But if it had been a 1 in 4, or 1 in 10 risk, or if they had found abnorm alities on the u/s, we would have had the amnio.

My OB told me that even with my history of PROM, amnio was safer than CVS, especially in women who have had recurrent m/c.

- Jenna, 41, DH 38 TTC since September '06 with MFI. 3 failed unmedicated IUI's with DH sperm, 1 failed IUI with injects with DH sperm, IVF #1 BFN, FET BFP but M/c week 5, IVF#2 BFP m/c week 7, IUI with injects and donor sperm: probable chemical pg. 1 failed unmedicated DS/IUI. Started BCP's 7/30 for IVF #3, ER 9/10, ET 9/15, Beta 9/24 results 9/25. BFP, Twins. Lost 1st twin at 9-10 weeks, lost second twin at 16 weeks 12/17/08. Attempted IUI #4 converted to DS/DH IUI April 09 at my request, BFP and M/c. IVF #4 June 09 BFN. DS-IUI w/injects 7/6/09, BFN. Hysteroscopic myomectomy to remove fibroid 7/29/09.Unmedicated DS-IUI 9/09, BFN. DS-IUI with injects, 10/09, BFP and M/C. DH/DS-IUI with injects and HGH, 12/6. BFP! Betas: 12dpo 12/18 58, 14 dpo 12/20 157, 16dpo 12/22 379, 22 dpo 12/28 4,002

- Jenna
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Fri, 04-30-2010 - 11:39pm
Thanks for the replies and the information on articles I can read to get me up to speed on this stuff! Appreciate the support and sending out mine to all of you!
pregnancy due date
pregnancy due date
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Sat, 05-01-2010 - 9:07am

Hello and welcome. I'm sorry to hear you've struggled with loss before, but you'll meet others here like Jenna who have experienced previous losses and are now well into their pregnancies with all signs looking good. At age 42 (43 by my due date), this is my first (and probably only) attempt to become a mom. I have an additional health issue that would have made either amnio or CVS an additional risk, so I opted to just do the non-diagnostic Ulrascreen (NT scan and blood test) and live with whatever odds it indicated. I would have continued the pregnancy anyway as long as there appeared (from u/s) to be no condition that would have caused suffering. Anyway, my screenings significantly lowered the chances of DS or another chromosomal abnormality, and my ulstrasounds have appeared to show a typically developing baby boy. Whether to have CVS and/or amnio is a very individual choice and I doubt anyone here will tell you what choice is right for you. We all tend to speak from our own experiences and decisions, so after you get more responses and speak to medical professional about the risks and benefits of all the various options, I'm sure you'll be able to determine the right choice for you.

Congrats on your pregnancy. Please stick around and keep us posted.


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Sat, 05-01-2010 - 3:51pm


First, I am sorry to hear about your losses. That is really hard to deal with and I think it makes you stress out more in your next pregnancy. As the others have said, it is a personal choice of what you decide to do. It is hard to know what is right for someone else as everyone is different. Also, as pp said, it is good to read other stories to give you an idea of what they went through and what you might expect as well if you decide to go forward with one of the tests.

I will give you my stories on these as well. In 2008, I found out I was pregant for the first time ever (I was 40 almost 41) at the time. I was thrilled as I knew I wanted a baby maybe not this late in life but that was apparently what God planned for me. Anyway, right before my b-day that year, I had a m/c at around 12 weeks. Turned out it was a blighted ovum. My OB said I would need a D&C as all was not out. And she also wanted testing. So it came back that it was positive for Turner's Syndrome. This is apparently something only that happens in girls but how they determined it when it was a blighted ovum is beyond me. But my OB told me that when I got pregnant again, it would be a good idea to have an amnio. I thought I would be dead set against it but I kept it in the back of my mind. So 2 months after that, I got pregnant again. This time my OB sent me to a HR dr. as well. He discussed CVS & amnio with me at my first visit. I knew for me personally that the CVS did not sound appealing and again I kept the amnio in the back of my mind. So when I went for the 12 week NT scan and they called me back a few days later and said I had a 1 in 20 for DS I felt like I would go ahead with the amnio. Not that I would end the pregnancy if I found out the baby had DS but so that we could be better prepared. So I scheduled the amnio and my DH went with me for it. I will admit the fear of it is worse than the actual procedure. They do an extensive u/s prior to the procedure and you can back out of the amnio at any time (until they stick you!). However, I had made my mind up to do it but during the u/s they discovered that the baby had an issue with his bladder. It was a boy and apparently only boys get this particular problem of having their bladder blocked. This causes the amnio fluid to become low. So now I had to have the amnio done because I couldn't have surgery for them to put a shunt in his bladder for it to empty into the sac if he had a genetic problem. I had the amnio and it came back he was fine. So then I went through further testing (includes 2 more needles to the tummy the following week) and then I had the surgery for the shunt. Long story short - I ended up in the hospital on bedrest for 9 weeks before they took him by c-section at 34.5 weeks. Unfortunatley, the shunt didn't help and he had no fluid around him for all that time. His lungs didn't develop properly and it turns out his left kidney was not there and his right wouldn't function. He lived for a week in the NICU before he passed away.

We were so devistated. After a while though we knew we wanted to try again. We knew another baby wouldn't take Dalton's place but we still wanted a baby. So 9 months after having him, I got pregant again. Needless to say I was on pins & needles until the first u/s to make sure there was a baby actually in there (unlike the blight ovum the first time). I opted not to do the 12 week NT scan. I said it only stressed me out last time and the only thing that will tell us is the amnio. BTW - I changed to another OB and went to another HR dr. I am so much happier with them too! So I went at 17 weeks for the amnio and told them what had happened last time, etc. They did the u/s and turns out this one is a girl so no issue with the bladder being blocked. I did ask the dr. about Turner's Syndrome and he told me there would have been such & such signs on the u/s if that was there. The u/s was completely clear - no markers at all. I went ahead though and had the amnio and it came back perfect.

So I am now 43 years old and have about 10 more weeks to go before this little girl gets here. I wish I could say I had a peace of mind after the results of the amnio & u/s but not really. I still worry every day about this little girl. I think it comes from losing Dalton and then this is our last attempt to have a baby. I pray all the time that she will make it here safely and be healthy.

As you can see, I had good results from an amnio and also bad ones (not from the amnio itself but the u/s before the amnio). However, while an amnio isn't pleasant it is not bad at all. But then I didn't have any problems from the procedure either time. Although for this time, when the dr. put the needle in, it hurt a bit more than I had remembered but it turns out he had to stop the pushing in of the needle as I was having a contraction right then (totally normally even though I didn't feel it but he saw it on the screen) and if he had of put the needle through he said it would hurt me too much. So out came the needle and he moved it over about an inch & then did the procedure and it was fine and didn't hurt at all. I feel like a pin cushion sometimes!

Good Luck to you and let us know what you decide or if you have any other questions or concerns or whatever. That is what we are here for - to support each other!


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Sat, 05-01-2010 - 11:39pm

Congratulations on your latest pregnancy.

I was saddened to read of your loss history.

I am expecting #3 and got "the dreaded phone call" from my NT blood work. My risk factor came back 1:17 for DS. At the time we opted not to do CVS or amnio.

Our follow-up scans with the perinatologist have all been good. I have read that many babies with DS do not make it full term. I am currently 26 weeks pregnant so feeling pretty good about that. While not completely out of the woods with regards to having a preemie, I know the odds are in my favor to have a baby that would be able to survive with excellent NICU resources.

21-week scan at the peri's office, looked for soft-tissue markers with special emphasis on the heart (my nephew was born with a congenital heart defect; my sister's baby which puts me at increased risk), but peri gave us the all-clear on his heart. Definitely no AV Canal defect, all 4 chambers. Couldn't promise me that he didn't have an small VSD (which my daughter was born with; closed on their own).

Keep us posted on what you decide to do...we are all here to support you with whatever you decide.