What is Everyone Doing?

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What is Everyone Doing?
Fri, 06-25-2010 - 9:43am

The board has been really, really slow lately....so I'm just wondering what everyone is up to? There are a lot of newcomers since I stepped down as CL and I'm wondering how you're feeling. And as for our "tenured" members, how are the final days of your journey treating you? Let's hear from you, one and all! I hope everyone is well.

P.S. - Joey is now six weeks old and is absolutely awesome! Dare I say I wouldn't mind having another little one just like him? Ah, no, once they get crawling around it gets super busy and my house is messy and chaotic enough with the three I have....but these days when they're newborn make me just melt!



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Sun, 06-27-2010 - 5:37am

Hi, Joan!

Glad to know that Joey is doing well and that you're really enjoying him! I can just imagine you and your 3 little ones having fun in the sun.

What have I been doing, well let's see... Now that my nausea phase is behind me, I have been able to participate in a number of activities. The end of the schoolyear is a busy time. My oldest had a class play, and last week we went to meet with her teachers and receive her year-end report card -- she did great! My son had a class play and a year-end dinner to "celebrate" the end of his 3-year stint at preschool (these were on different evenings). My littlest also had a class play, no not really a play but a musical performance, the cutest thing ever.

Then there have been errands to attend to, stuff like buying birthday presents for various people and mailing off my tax return. AND, now that I feel like eating, I have spent time perusing cookbooks and doing lots more shopping and cooking. Seems like every time we get some fruit in the house, it disappears lickety-split... between me and my kids, we just inhale every bit of food that comes into our kitchen!

That's about it. Today is a quiet day for me: kids are at their nonna's place, splashing in a kiddie pool while I take some time to do housework (at a slow pace) and then nap.

ciao for now, enjoy the summer!


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Fri, 07-02-2010 - 8:18pm

Hi Joan,

Great to see you here. Sorry I haven't been very good lately about welcoming newcomers-- will try to be a little better about that. I am just getting very eager for the big day and can barely stand that my due date is still nearly 6 weeks away. At this point, I will not complain if he's here closer to August 1 than the 15th. I am getting very tired of having people tell me I look like I could pop any minute or I must have twins in there-- I know this people, just what exactly would they like me to do about it?

Anyway, I'm eager not just because my advanced belly is beginning to make things fairly uncomfortable, but because I'm so ready to have this baby boy in my life already. So glad to hear how much you're enjoying yours! Stay in touch.