Second level II U/S results

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Second level II U/S results
Tue, 05-08-2007 - 8:49am

I had my second level II ultrasound yesterday. I am almost 19 weeks. The good news is that the baby is perfectly healthy. But they did see a calcium deposit on the heart. They did not see any other markers indicating Downs. My NT measurement was still normal. This calcium deposit now increases my risk from 1 in 78 to 1 in 40. So now I am debating on whether or not to have an amnio, and I am leaning towards not having one. I would not terminate if I found out the baby had Downs since there is nothing else wrong. I think if I did find out it had Downs I would be really upset and depressed the rest of my pregnancy knowing my baby wouldn't be born "normal". I'm not the type of person who will worry constantly if the baby will be alright. I just have a feeling that it is fine. Also the risk of miscarriage with an amnio bothers me, since I had a miscarriage last year. Has anyone every heard of this marker and what the outcome was?

Oh by the way, ITS A GIRL!! DH was a little disappointed since he wanted a boy. I was a little bit too since I already have two girls from a previous marriage, but it really didn't matter to me. We are so grateful that she is healthy.


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Tue, 05-08-2007 - 11:49am

Congratulations!!!! A baby girl! How adorable...

FYI, a 1 in 40 chance is just 3%.



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Tue, 05-08-2007 - 11:59am

Yippee a baby girl.

I have read that this calcium deposit is quite normal. I also read that this marker is diputed as a true marker for Downs. All your other tests have been great. Which is a good thing. Remember that.

Sometimes I think they give us to much information.

Like Lois said only a 3% chance.

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Tue, 05-08-2007 - 6:08pm

Congratulations on your little girl!

You have a 97% chance of a healthy baby. I think you are right that everything will be fine.

I could not have the amnio either. If I had had an amnio and it was positive for Downs, it would have just made the rest of my pregnancy miserable.


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Fri, 05-11-2007 - 4:40pm

Congratulations on your healthy girl!!