It's another boy!

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It's another boy!
Sat, 06-16-2007 - 9:45am
Wow boy #5, I went yesterday for the 1st part of quad screen, blood work and u/s. I thought it would be to soon to get the sex but when my two boys asked the tech, she put the picture up on the screen with his legs up and there it was....
The tech is pregnant and due 1 week earlier than I am. She said not a 100% sure of sex at this point but pretty good guess. It was nice seeing him and the boys got very exited too.
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Sat, 06-16-2007 - 12:57pm

Brenda, how exciting! I'm so glad your little boys got to share in the discovery of whether they'd be having a little brother or sister! :-)


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Sat, 06-16-2007 - 6:08pm

Nothing better than having a boy.

Of course what else do we know.

At my nt scan there was nothing there. But they say they all look alike at this stage so you never know. Then at 18 weeks there it was.

Anyway how was your test,did they say anything?

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Sun, 06-17-2007 - 8:40am
The test went well and from what I could see on my screen the Nuchal sac looked normal, but then again I am not a doc. We will have the level 2 at 18 weeks. Then one last u/s at 26 weeks for an echocardiogram on baby. My DD (19yrs old) has 3 heart valve defects that went undetected until she was 11months old so it is just a precaution. Midwife said u/s is least invasive procedure so we should go ahead and have it. I have never had so many tests with any of my other pregnancies. All have been born at home with no interventions, we are still hoping for that outcome. I think I would like to try a water birth this time.
Congrats on your baby boy! I love raising boys... my daughter is great but she was harder and sassy till 18yrs. The boys go with the flow and always love their mum. I get a lot of "OMG are they all yours" or "you must go crazy with all of them". Do you get comments?