NT scan/1st trimester screening results!

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NT scan/1st trimester screening results!
Tue, 08-28-2007 - 1:43pm

I just got my NT scan/bloodwork results and couldn't be happier! The results are soooo much better than my age (40) alone.

NT measurement = 1.3
Risk of Downs = 1 in 720
Risk of Trisomy 18 = 1 in 10,000

Everything on the ultrasound looked good as well -- right amount of fluid, placenta was in a good spot, strong heart beat of 167, etc. I was 11w4d when the u/s was done and baby measured @ 12weeks so right on target.

I was going to do the CVS test but I'm so happy with the results that I'm going to skip the CVS and wait for amnio since amnio will also test for open neural tube defects (such as spina bifida).

EDD 3/8/08 with #1

- Sandy (44) DS (natural) born just before my 41st birthday. TTC#2. Only issue: egg/embryo quality due to age. Clomid & multiple IUIs w/follistim &menopur = BFN. IVF#1 (Nov 2011) = 12 eggs, 9 mature & fertilized. Transferred 3 embryos (1-3BB, 2-3
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Tue, 08-28-2007 - 8:46pm

Those are great results!

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Tue, 08-28-2007 - 9:36pm
Great news, Sandy! I'm glad everything looks great.


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Wed, 08-29-2007 - 8:03pm

Hi Sandy,

Thats really great. I had similar results and was shocked (happily) and so was the doctor doing the scan! I had mentally prepared myself for an amnio and was so pleased not to have to go through that again. Congrats!! xx


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