Had my first prenatal appt...

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Had my first prenatal appt...
Fri, 01-11-2008 - 4:56pm

And it went really well. I have had each of my children in a different state, so this practitioner is totally new to me. Historically, I have gone the traditionally route with an OB, mostly because of a previous m/c and trisomy 13 fetus. This time, however, I decided to check out a midwife, which I have always leaned toward, but made my DH nervous. I figured that, since my other two childbirth experiences were uncomplicated, I can go with a CNM with time around. Well, can I just say that I LOVE this woman! I am really looking forward to going through this wonderful adventure with her, and already feel like we will be good friends. She is extremely competent, but has something special that I never felt with the OB's I used in the past. Anyhow, just wanted to share in my glee at finding the perfect person to help me bring this new person into the world. Hope all is well with the rest of you.

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Fri, 01-11-2008 - 8:00pm

Well congratulations!!!!!!! I am very excited for you!, I know finding the perfect doc or midwife, is important... having a great relationship with your doc is very important, I love my doc, he even has my phone number in his apt book, from when I started bleeding from one of my exams. And he actually called us on Christmas to make sure I was doing ok..

you cant beat having a great doc or MW

good luck