Nervous Nellie

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Nervous Nellie
Thu, 05-22-2008 - 11:20am
I have an appt. for another ultrasound today.
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Thu, 05-22-2008 - 11:42am
I realize it doesn't help to say "don't worry about something you have no control over" because we all do.
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Thu, 05-22-2008 - 5:32pm

I had that also on my last pregnancy - they could not find the HB with the doppler and did an US. To me, it was amazing because instead of a tiny blob with a heartbeat, the baby resembled Mr. Peanut (from the planters peanuts) and was swimming like mad all over the place. It reasured me a lot. So from the positive side, you get to see your baby again!!!I have another appointment next week and I have no follow up US planned so I am a bit bummed. But then again, I probably will go for the NT test in another two weeks.

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