32 week update

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32 week update
Mon, 11-24-2008 - 10:11am

Hi all,

It's been awhile since I sent out an email.

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Mon, 11-24-2008 - 2:49pm

Thanks for the update, Stacey.


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Mon, 11-24-2008 - 9:12pm

That is Awesome!!! I am so glad that things are evening out for you and at 32 weeks and 3.5 pounds the babys are going to have a wonderful life with their mommy, just keep relaxing and keep praying and soon those little love bundles will be in your arms.


baby development

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Tue, 11-25-2008 - 8:38pm


I am glad that the babies and you are doing well.

Carol, mom to 7