1st U/S no hb at 9 weeks

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1st U/S no hb at 9 weeks
Tue, 11-25-2008 - 8:16pm

I went for my first US today, and they couldn't find a hb. They think the baby stopped growing almost 2 weeks ago. The placenta had continued to preform, thus the pregnancy symptoms and the 4 lbs I have gained in the last 2 weeks.....The problem is with the holiday they can't schedule a D/C until Friday, so I have 3 days over Thanksgiving to sit in limbo. Kind of depressing. I have had 3 mc's before, all the same drill, baby stops growing but for some reason my body does not spontaneously abort. Dr said there must be some genetic mismatch between my h and me and they could run tests, but there is no correction, so what's the point?

We have 5 beautiful, healthy, kiddos. I didn't even know I wanted another one until this gift. Now I wonder if we should just call it a day, and not put ourselves through this again. My dh is always travelling with work so the odd of him being home when I need him are less than 10%. I feel like I have some time since this one happened on our first try, I just don't know if I have the strength to live with the stress of pg at 39 pushing 40.

Sorry for being down, hope to not sadden the whole thanksgiving thing. Just really needed to know someone was listening.


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Tue, 11-25-2008 - 9:17pm

Oh Nikki, I am so sorry (((hugs))). I had the same thing happen to me last year at 9 weeks also. Please take care of yourself and post often if you need to talk. We are here for you.

HUGE (((HUGS))) of support to you.

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Wed, 11-26-2008 - 1:40pm


So sorry to hear about your loss! I had the same thing happen to me earlier this year. It was my first time ever getting pregnant and I was 40 years old at the time and I got to almost 12 weeks and started bleeding. They did an u/s and couldn't find a hb either. My dr. scheduled a d & c but not for like 3 days after I had the u/s. I ended up miscarrying the next day but my dr. checked me out and said I still had to have the d & c because not all had come out. It appeared that it was a blighted ovum and that it can happen. The sac was there but no baby and it had stopped the growing process around 8 weeks but my body didn't catch on to it until almost 4 weeks later. My dr. also suggested that they have the tissue tested for any abnormalities. It turns out that it was Turner's Syndrome and it is a rare time that a baby is actually born with TS as most of the time you miscarry with them. So this one didn't even develop due to the TS.

Well, if you have the d & c, it might still be a good idea to have the tissue tested as it might give you some clues as to why this has happened again to you. Even if you decide not to have any more babies, at least you will know. I was so sad at the miscarriage but knowing that it was just something that happens made me feel a little bit better.

Keep us posted on how you are doing!



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Wed, 11-26-2008 - 4:09pm

Just sending hugs and thinking of you (((((HUGS))))))



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Thu, 11-27-2008 - 6:10am


I am thinking of you on this holiday.

I had a similar m/c in April. I too was 39.

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Thu, 11-27-2008 - 9:17am

Its the waiting until Friday over the holiday that's killing me. I'm so torn about asking to have the fetus tested. That will just make me worry if it will happen all over again and I don't know if my heart can take it....

My dh was excited when I told him we were pg, but he's not too motivated to try again. And I don't know if I have the heart to....Guess I need some encouragement maybe? Its such a long road and he is working out of state this year, that we even got pg at all with him home only 4 days a mo. is a shock at my age.

I am 39 with 5 kiddos already. Maybe we should just count our blessings and walk away, but I can't get past this ache in my heart for another. Does it ever go away? I wat to try again for another 6 mo until I am officially 40, but with this miss I know he is worried about whether we can have another healthy one....

I'm so sad, and overwhelmed, its so hard to let go and get positive about trying again.


Thanks for all the support and prayers. I guess I may move back down to the ttc over 40 board after the procedure Friday.