feel like a medicine chest

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feel like a medicine chest
Wed, 12-17-2008 - 12:27am
Had my 25wk appt today...everything is going well, but I have been having awful trouble with my stomach lately and sinus stuff too, and now a sore throat...not sure if that is viral, sinus related or reflux.... So midwife gave me a script for antibiotics, she was especially concerned that I might have a sinus infection or something of sorts that may cause a bigger problem (induce preterm labor??) which never occured to me. So I just took my zantac, add that to my am/pm prenatals, now an antibiotic after breakfast and I am on a pill for my thryroid (thats a pain, cant eat breakfast for an hour afterwards). I also have my rolaids and halls lozenges...I just dumped it all on the counter and asked the pharmacist which I take first...lol. Hope my stomach is better in the AM, that has been the worst of it... I am scheduled for that 1 hr glucose in two weeks at my next appt. I thought I had to fast years ago when they did the glucose testing, this is a pleasant change...at least I can eat breakfast! Well thanks for listening to me vent!
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Thu, 12-18-2008 - 10:34pm

Good luck on your testing tomorrow..

you should be happy at least there are some safe drugs out there that you can take, could you imaging having to suffer without any pills to take.. UGH that would suck!

hugs and good luck

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