Blog: PG @ 41; After TR; Paula's Updates

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Blog: PG @ 41; After TR; Paula's Updates
Tue, 03-31-2009 - 12:29am

I'm going to just keep one entry here and add to it when I have an update.. that way it will be easier to know who the update is from and know the whole story if you are new to the board.

In a nutshell, I am 41, will be 42 in August. I had my tubes cut and burned in 1994. My son is 18. I had a tubal reversal December 04, 2008. I started charting in January 09. I got pregnant in Feb 09. Wow. Now just hoping for a healthy pregnancy and baby to arrive in November. :)

We got in today for our first US so we can confirm placement before we take off to Jamaica Wednesday.

We did a uterine ultrasound. I immediately saw the sac.


Paula = 43; Mike = 38; Tubal reversal 12/4/08, one tube reparied; Healthy baby girl born 2/16/10; PG again, EDD 3/18/11!

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Tue, 03-31-2009 - 10:41am

I hope all is well and that you enjoy your fabulous Jamaican vacation!

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Tue, 03-31-2009 - 9:45pm
Sounds like you are good to go, I hope you have a great time in Jamaica!


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