Tetrology of Fallot Diagnosis - AMnio

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Tetrology of Fallot Diagnosis - AMnio
Tue, 05-19-2009 - 8:33am
Im having an amnio done this afternoon. We received a diagnosis of Terology of Fallot yesterday. Im having an amnio done to see if there are genetic markers for downs syndrome. I'm so depressed right now.
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Tue, 05-19-2009 - 8:46am



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Wed, 05-20-2009 - 12:26am
(((Hugs))) I hope your amnio went well. How long before you will get the results?


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Thu, 06-25-2009 - 6:49am

Just wanted check in with you and see how you and baby are doing.

I can imagine how stressful it must be finding out your baby has a heart condition...

Let us know if you can, how your doing, and how your amnio went.