2 Ultrasounds this week and all is well

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2 Ultrasounds this week and all is well
Sun, 06-21-2009 - 8:39am

I ended up having 2 ultrasounds this week. The first was a quick peek during my first visit to my midwife's nurse. It was just to measure the baby. According to that, my due date is Jan. 20, not the 25th figured by using LMP. This works with the date I'm sure I ovulated (5 days early), so I'm happy, although I'll be pressing to use the 25th so that if I go late, I don't get ruled out of a homebirth.

I came home after that appointment feeling very relieved. I had been thinking about all the risks with having a baby at 41, and convinced myself that something was wrong. But no -- we saw the little peanut's heart beating away and everything looked good.

Then Thursday night, I was sitting here on the couch and felt a little gush. It was blood. I had a couple of moments of panic, but decided not to go to the ER because if I was having a m/c, they wouldn't do anything except tell me that. The bleeding was dark red and I had no cramps at all, so I decided to wait to call the nurse the next morning. By then, the bleeding had tapered off to just some spotting.

The nurse told me to come right in for another ultrasound. This time, the tech was there and I love her. She's an older lady and has a wicked sense of humor while being very supportive. The first thing she did was take a very quick look to make sure the baby still had a heartbeat -- he/she did. Then the tech looked around for where the bleeding was coming from. Apparently, there's a pocket beside the amniotic sac, but the tech could tell that the bleeding was having no detrimental effects on the sac. She said I may spot some more (I have), but I shouldn't panic (I haven't).

I was really relieved after that. The peanut's heartrate was 171 bpm and the spine is forming, which was really cool to see.

The nurse said everything looks perfect still, so I should just go on home and relax a little bit.

The other news of the week is that my boss' wife is pregnant, too, and due on Jan. 20 -- the same day the u/s gives me. She is 39, so she is also dealing with the age thing. My boss is supportive anyway, but now it's super nice that he and I are dealing with the same stuff at the same time. I do feel for him because he just cannot get away from hormonal women. =)



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Mon, 06-22-2009 - 12:57am
That is great news to hear! I hope all continues to go well for you. Too funny about your boss though, what the poor guy is in for! Lol!


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