HB but can't see pole?

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HB but can't see pole?
Thu, 07-02-2009 - 1:06pm

So I still can't get excited about this pregnancy.

Just got back from my ultrasound and we did see and hear a heartbeat. (130bpm)

The tech said she was having trouble getting a crown to rump measurement because what she was measuring she kept thinking must be the yolk sac.

So my question is, Is it possible to have a hb and no pole yet? Does the pole not develop first? In other words, can we assume there is a pole there somewhere because we saw a hb? That maybe the yolk sac is in the way?

LMP puts me at 7 weeks today she said; and that the sac measurement is putting the baby at 6w4d. I know I O'd on cd20.

As I was leaving, I told her that my first OB appt is Monday and that maybe I'll be back in a few weeks. I was thinking so we could see all the parts and make sure we are on track. The tech said she hoped she didn't see me for several weeks. I wasn't sure why.

Here is a pic of my "blob" as she called it.

She said she thinks this is simply the yolk sac and not baby. (click to see the full u/s pic)


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Sat, 07-04-2009 - 1:14am

That is great to see a heartbeat! And 130 is great for just over 6 weeks. :-)

In answer to your question, I believe the fetal pole forms before the heart starts beating. Sounds like everything is measuring fine, I would think it was just simply that it is so hard to see things clearly when the baby is still so tiny.

And don't let your emotions dictate whether this is a viable pregnancy or not. You did just lose a baby, and speaking from experience it can sometimes be hard to let yourself get excited for fear that something will go wrong again.

It also looks like it is measuring right on target, another good sign.

As for the tech's comments, I think she probably just meant that she hopes she doesn't see you because a problem, thinking you might be worried.

All in all, everything sounds good to me! Congrats! I understand being cautious still, but it looks like this one is a keeper! :-)


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Tue, 07-07-2009 - 3:44pm


I can certainly understand having a hard time being excited.


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