OMG, sick as a dog (a sick dog)

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OMG, sick as a dog (a sick dog)
Thu, 12-31-2009 - 1:09am

AHHH....I hit 10 weeks and I am sick. Way sicker than i was the other I cant smell anything...anything. I puked from my 2 year olds diaper. I bought a new washer/dryer and the man had this weird smell and I swear I almost didnt make it through. The smell of any food...I cant even watch the food network without gagging a bit.

And I have to go to Houston for 5 days on the 4th for work and be "rah rahish" ...I look awful, feel awful and am a bit crabby. Ok, more than a bit crabby.

i also already look 5 months pregnant!

its not pretty...but I know its a good thing I feel so sick...i just keep telling myself that.

I have my CVS on the 11th....nervous.

On a happy note, my daughter who will be 5 in march, is so full of questions and thoughts...and they are FUNNY. Like when I was sick, if we needed to clean the baby up, because shes probably all messy with puke. Nice.


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Thu, 12-31-2009 - 4:34am
Hello, Mar. While I'm thrilled to read an update from you, I'm sorry it's one that's about how sick you're feeling. :( Wish I could do or say something to make you feel better. I was pretty sick early on in this pregnancy just like you are -- odors bothered me badly just like they bother you. Ugh! Once I hit about 13 weeks, it eased up tremendously. I hope you make it through your business trip without too much trouble and I hope the morning sickness goes away for you soon. Best wishes to you.



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Thu, 12-31-2009 - 12:17pm


Sorry you're so sick. I guess I should be grateful that I haven't had any of that (yet)

I hope you feel better soon and your trip to Houston isn't too awful.

Take care of yourself.


Susan L.


Susan L.

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Thu, 12-31-2009 - 12:43pm

So Sorry you are feeling so sick.

Carol, mom to 7

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Fri, 01-01-2010 - 7:18pm

I sooooo feel for you. I'm only 5 weeks, so