31 week visit

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31 week visit
Thu, 06-10-2010 - 8:50am

I had my 31 week visit yesterday. Turns out I have a small hernia. Since I am having a C-section anyway, the OB said she would repair it during that if she could or needed to. If it gets bad, she said we would have to call a general surgeon and I'd have to have a piece of mesh put in to repair it. Ugh. I am hoping that doesn't happen. Of course this being my 7th baby, she said that my layers of skin and muscle are probably just worn pretty thin and that is what is causing it.

I am also measuring 4 weeks ahead, but my babies do tend to run big. I have an u/s on 6/21 and that is when I start my NST. My OB said we would probably move my C-section date up a week. That is fine by me. I was already scheduled for 39 weeks on 8/5, but now will probably go to 38 weeks on July 29. She said we would decide next visit, but she sounded pretty sure of it. I go back in 2 weeks.

I am getting more and more tired and starting to feel a lot of pressure, some contractions, but they always stop when I lie down. I did go into labor once at 30 weeks, so they are watching for signs of any preterm labor. But so far so good!

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