3rd HCG not too good...worried

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3rd HCG not too good...worried
Fri, 06-25-2010 - 12:02pm

Hi. I had my 3rd HCG on Wednesday and the number was only 463. So I had another one this morning and I am awaiting the numbers. Hopefully they will call me with it today, although being Friday they close early and my doc. was off today. I really hate the idea of waiting all weekend. I also asked for a vaginal U/S but they would not do it. My previous doc. (in the town we moved away from) would have done this lickity split. She was a sole practitioner and did whatever she felt was right for the patient. My new doc. office is more formal with lots of procedures, I guess. I started to break down in the office. This is our last chance for another child. I am trying to stay calm and not stress but I have a feeling I'm losing this baby.