Saying goodbye

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Saying goodbye
Fri, 06-25-2010 - 5:33pm
Well, my 4th HCG was only 20 point higher than 2 days ago so I am miscarrying for sure. It is just a matter of time. Thanks for your support and good luck to all those expecting. God bless you and your babies!
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Fri, 06-25-2010 - 9:53pm


I am so sorry.


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Sat, 06-26-2010 - 11:09pm
Betsy, I am so sorry. The waiting is hard. I lost a baby at 10 weeks when I was 43. I miscarried naturally and it took a while. Blessing to you in this time.

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Sun, 06-27-2010 - 5:40am

Very sorry about your sad news Betsy.......

but don't give up... next time might be a winner for you! "If at first you don't succeed, try try again..."

Take good care of yourself.