6 wk appt. criticized 4 wanting 1 more

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6 wk appt. criticized 4 wanting 1 more
Wed, 10-08-2008 - 12:30am

Went to the OB for my six wk. postpartum appt.



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Wed, 10-08-2008 - 9:57am

I do understand that it is the OB's job to assist you in obtaining BC at the 6 week checkup, but it really isn't his or her place to guilt you into it! I teach at a conservative Catholic school that completely discourages birth control, and I'm sorry, but a doctor (or anyone for that matter) should be able to respect one's choice on the matter, unless there was some physical reason he would be advising against getting pregnant again. But that would be a different story.

Now, just because you have an Rx, doesn't mean you have to fill it!

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Tracy, 40
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Wed, 10-08-2008 - 10:35am

Good Lord, Rachelle, where do you find these doctors??

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Wed, 10-08-2008 - 11:07pm

I know you already changed Gyn's once but really, he's TOTALLY out of line!


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Thu, 10-09-2008 - 5:38am

Wow Rachelle...

I really can't believe that anyone, let alone your OB, would project their own feelings on what you may or may not choose to do with YOUR life!

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Thu, 10-09-2008 - 3:46pm

Wow, I'd say your doc was WAY out of line and I would not be seeing him again!

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Fri, 10-10-2008 - 3:45pm
Rachelle, I would have been so po'ed at my doctor too.



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Sat, 10-11-2008 - 10:05am

I agree so much with PPs are saying both on this thread and the other one you started after talking with your mother. That is why this board is so very comforting. We know why we are having children and we know it is right for us. There are some topics I simply dont raise with my parents, and having babies is one of them. If I had done, I would have received the same scalding "advice" as you received and I'd rather not hear it.

I'm sorry about DH's reaction, but in my experience men are very changeable on this subject. DH didnt want us to have any children at all because we were too old (at 39). Then when DD arrived when I was nearly 41 he was the happiest father in the world but didnt want to hve another because it had worked out so well with DD. When he finally changed his mind on this, we tried, it worked, and even before DS was born he was talking about #3...

I dont know about trying again. I like to bf for a long time and last time had to stop bf and take medicine to get my milk to stop and thus allow my period to start again. This means that next time around i wouldnt be trying until I'm 46 and I want to wait and see how I feel then before committing myself now. My biggest argument for trying would be that my children have siblings who will be around longer than their parents, for better or for worse - one is good but two is better! I feel

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Sun, 10-12-2008 - 1:56pm

I think he is out of line too. I can see offering you information, offering you advice but not telling you his opinion, I mean after all thats not his job! I told my doc that we were planning on having one more when I had my last office visit and he told me just not to wait too long because as I get older it gets harder!.

I must be totally blessed with a great doctor!!

I personally woudnt go on the pill, because it can cause cancer in woman over 35 and if you smoke its worse.. NO way no pill for me, if my husband didnt want any more then he would have to go and get the big V or abstain from sex.

Good luck

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Tue, 10-14-2008 - 4:23pm


HI.. let me share some of my experiences. I am 43 and prego with my 6th.

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Sun, 10-19-2008 - 11:10am

I feel it's none of your OB's business and definitely nobody else's business what you want to do!

I'd have to think about changing OB's I think.