Baby swing question

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Baby swing question
Wed, 10-08-2008 - 3:41pm

At what age do you stop putting them in the baby swing because they have "grown out of it"?

My baby is about to be 6 months old (next week) and she definatly has to be strapped in and the arm rest thing in the front put on otherwise she squirms out. Well, she has gotten real good at turning and leaning sideways (which she can't fall out) but when she leans to the side in stops the swing from swinging because all the weight is on the side.

Is she getting too big for the swing now? She loves her swing and loves to watch the animals going around above her and I hang little baby links from there that she loves to play with while she's in the swing, but yet I'm thinking it may be time to removed her from it for good. I know there is a weight limit, but I have no clue what that is. She is 14 pounds 11 ounces now.

Any ideas?

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Tue, 10-14-2008 - 10:49pm
My opinion is she's OK in it so long as she's safe in it and still likes it.


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Wed, 10-15-2008 - 3:38pm

I say she is too big, have you looked into a johnny jump up that attaches to doorways, My son loves his and since you can adjust the height he can swing or jump or twist around, and if you dont have a door way (we dont not down stairs) you can find a stud in the ceiling and put in a big hook thats what my husband did and my son still love it and because its adjustable he cant really get out of it.

Good luck!


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Fri, 10-17-2008 - 6:10pm
If she is getting too big for the swing, but loves the toys and stuff, maybe a jumparoo would work.



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Wed, 10-22-2008 - 3:46pm

omg its so funny you should ask this question! i tease my dd all the time because she stopped using her baby swing when her feet drug the floor! im not kidding! it was the best baby item id ever purchased, she LOOOVED it.probably till she was 2 !! id put her in,wind it up and play "bach" every day........

shes in the beta club,honor roll student,darling child !

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Wed, 11-05-2008 - 3:22pm
my little guy loves his swing is the only place he will sleep (yes night time too). The swing we have FIsher Price Papasan is good to 25 pounds...he is only 14 now, so he is still good for a while.

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