Crib Mattress?

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Crib Mattress?
Sun, 10-26-2008 - 2:08pm

We bought a crib mattress from Target. However, I just noticed that the sides curl downwards and there's a 2 inch gap from the bed to the crib. The baby can easily roll down and/or get stuck int he open gap as well.

My daughter does not lay on the crib right now but I will be returning this mattress to Target. I want to shop for a new one but does anyone have any good suggestions what I should get and from where?

Thanks much!


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Sun, 10-26-2008 - 3:11pm

Any crib mattress will do as long as it fits snugly in the crib, I would measure from bar to bar in both directions before going and looking so you get the correct fit.

I have seen flat mattresses and the type that seems to curve deeper in the middle. check out babies R us, and bring your measuring tape and measurements with you so you know it will fit!

I was given my crib used and I can bearly tuck in the pad around the bars so I know thats a snug fit!

Good luck shopping

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