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Mon, 11-17-2008 - 12:29pm

Is everybody bailing on me?! LOL!!


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Mon, 11-17-2008 - 3:18pm

HI Rachelle,

im not bailing.. things are going super here, little Mikey is now 10 months and walking like a champ, eating 3 meals a day, plus formula, sleeping through the nights, well most nights anyway.. and that is nice.. occasionally he still gets up cries, I give him a bottle and off to sleep again he goes.

I think we are giving up on haivng another one. we have been trying since july, and well nothing.. now I am going to return to school, I am going to be a nurse! I cant wait to start school!

I shower at night, baby goes to sleep at 9 so thats when I shower. I eat when baby eats, and I clean while baby follows me around the house.. Because he is so mobile we have gates everywhere.. so you could say that he lives in a gated community LOL

As for friends, I still have the same number, I dont think that they are moving away from you, its just that you are much further so seeing you now requries plans.. driving plans and such. you need to make some dates, go out with the girls, hubby can watch the kids. I go out with my girlfriends sometimes with the baby and sometimes without.. trust me it will do you some good!

I have always had a hard time making friends, I am shy at first even though I am a very outgoing person.. that seems weird dont it? So I have two very good friends, one lives practically next door, who I see about once a week and the other I might see once a month if im lucky,,, good thing for the computer or I would never talk to her!

Anyway, dont worry play ground mommies make good friends too.. so soon y ou will have lots more new friendss


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Tue, 11-18-2008 - 1:40pm

Hi Rachelle,

I am still here too.

I am off work until February and then back to the grind. We are having a nanny come in and look after Max she will work from 11-5 every day. My husband leaves for work at 11 and I get home by 5 at the latest.

Max is getting to be less fussy, so I take him for long walks every day(as long as its not raining or eeek snowing). He seems to like it ...and I need the exercise. I lost 35 lbs right away after having Max, and then I promptly gained 15 ...uggghh)

My freinds are still the same...only one seems to have changed..not sure why...she never had kids and since Max, she never calls me its kind of strange....I call her and email her, but she rarely calls back.

I think I would like anotherbaby...I am on the fence...I kow if I do it I will be saying"what have I done", but if I dont I will be saying"oh I should have had another....wahhhhhhhh" that is just my I thought I got my period this month, but it just ended up being a day or so of brown sludge(tmi) so dont know what is going on with that??

I am still breastfeeding as much as I can, but I dont have enough supply to keep up, so I supplement with formula. Max eats alot...I give him about 6, 7oz bottles every day and breast feed as much as possible.

Anyhoo hope you are doing to here all about what is goinig on with you and Esai.

Lori xo

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Hi Rachelle,

I am 44 and have Carson who will be 6 months on Nov 29th. I have 4 older children. DD23 DS21 DS16 DS13.

This is my second marriage and I am home on maternity leave for a year. I have also felt

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Hello Rachelle and everyone else

I'm not looking at this board as often as I used to, but it does not mean I am any less interested in you women and all you have to tell. I suppose I am more wrapped up in what is surrounding Tom and Anna. For example, I joined a post-natal yoga class and now that the course is over, i am trying to keep in touch with the other five women from the course. I am, of course, the oldest, but the others are aged 33 to 40, so not a generation gap. It's fun because we all have babies aged 10 weeks to 5 months and all the post-natal issues that go along with that. We meet up for walks with prams and baby carriers and yesterday met up in one of the women's houses.

Tom is now 10 weeks old and a big angel. He grins constantly (actually looks a bit half-witted, says his father), throws his limbs about

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Tue, 12-16-2008 - 6:19pm

Hi Ladies, I am back for a visit!



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Sat, 01-17-2009 - 8:42pm

hi Rachelle and all the other new mommies,

Been off here for awhile, but decided to stop back and see how everyone was doing? I am fine . Kimberlee is getting big. Hard to believe almost 8 months already. She's a real joy. Shes already 17 lbs, wouldn't know she was so tiny when she arrived. Shes beginning to crawl now, (almost has it) and rolling, and sitting and loves music and to make alot of As far as Daddy, he around but not as much as I hopd or thought but well he's missing out.. She is a very happy lil girl and brightens a room when she comes in.. Hope all is great with everyone and your lil one's.. I'll drop by again soon..