No reply to my response

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No reply to my response
Sun, 02-01-2009 - 3:40pm

Hi Everyone..

I responded to the discussion How's everyone doing? and well never got an reply from anyone.. Seems strange to me since everyone was so nice thru out my whole pregnancy. I don't pop on as often as I used to with Kimberlee keeping me busy after i get in from work each day. Hard to believe that much time has flown by already. Shes a darling and I am blessed to have her in my life.
Glad to hear everyones lil ones are doing so great.. They are all adorable from the pics I have looked at.. Hope everyone enjoys the Superbowl if you are fans..
Take care,


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Sun, 02-01-2009 - 7:25pm

Hi there,

I also belong to the June 08 fireflys board and I find this board very quiet. I see your lil girl is the same age as Carson. He was born May 29th when was your LO born? Carson enjoys sitting and that is all the movement he gets...LOL

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Sun, 02-01-2009 - 10:40pm

hi there,

My lil one was born May 24th. She was delivered 1 month premature due to me having Preclampsia. Yes she's got the crawling thing pretty well figured out this past few But only goes as far as needed to get what she wants and sits again
Yeah the sitting still thing is great isn't it lol.. Don't have to chase them
Yes lately things are quiet here. I've posted a few responses over the months with no reply to them.. Guess alot of gals are busy with their lil ones..
Have a great nite.

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Mon, 02-02-2009 - 1:57pm

Hey Ladies!


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Sat, 02-07-2009 - 4:32am

It is true that this board is quiet and I dont visit it as often now. I still enjoy looking in here though and catching up. I find my seconds on the computer are counted with a pre-schooler running around wanting me to stick and paste and draw all of the time and a baby wanting constant eye-contact and cuddles, not to mention my breast (although I am pretty good at typing with one hand...). On top of that, I am such a fitness freak that I walk with Tom or go jogging alone in any spare time i have...

Tom is now nearly 5 months old and an absolute charmer. He doesnt sit yet, but pushes himself up on his forearms and makes alot of noise.

I'll work on posting some photos soon


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Mon, 02-23-2009 - 7:45pm
I don't visit as often as I should either.



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Thu, 02-26-2009 - 7:58pm

I too don't get a chance to visit very often either. Not for the lack of computer time, but I'm on several other boards as well and do a lot of ebaying as well.

However, I've found a new love/hobby. I recently bought a professional digital slr camera to learn to take nice pictures of my baby. Well, I jumped into it and into it deep. lol

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Tue, 03-03-2009 - 11:59pm

im here too... and back on the board full swing... well 80%anyway

your daughter is so cute. im glad you are doing ok.. but dont feel bad or ignored..cause your not!

we love ya

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