My baby is here

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My baby is here
Wed, 05-20-2009 - 3:57pm

With a little bit of a delay, Aneka was born at 1:17 pm on May 11th.

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Wed, 05-20-2009 - 7:48pm

Congratulations !!

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Fri, 05-22-2009 - 1:20am
Congratulations! I am so glad you are back home and all is well! Do take it a bit easy though, overdoing it is never worth it. So happy for you!


Loving Mom to three


Loving Mom to three rambunctious 

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Fri, 05-22-2009 - 3:07am

Congratulaions! Great news...the fog will soon lift and you'll have more time for yourself and Aneka.


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Fri, 05-22-2009 - 1:04pm

Hi Brigitte,

I just wanted to send you my congratulations! Get some rest and enjoy your new little bundle of joy. Hope to see pictures soon.


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Tue, 06-09-2009 - 6:39pm

Congratulations on you new baby!