Here is my full detailing of Rachel Sara

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Here is my full detailing of Rachel Sara
Sat, 04-12-2003 - 12:09pm
These really strong contractions woke me up at 3:40 AM. They were very painful and I couldn’t even think through them. I tried to remember my breathing and not to hold my breath but you know that doesn’t always work. Hana woke up at 4:00 AM, I wonder if see is a little bit cosmically connected to me to know something was up. The really strong, painful contractions were coming every 3 – 8 minutes but because of Tuesday’s false alarm, I wasn’t too sure. At 5:00 AM when it was clearer that this could be it, I called the doctor. She called back pretty quickly this time and told me the only way to know for sure was to come in. At 5:11 AM, we called Kate, MIL, to come. At 5:45 AM she arrived and we were on our way. We got to the hospital at 6:20 AM and I was wheeled to L&D. They took my vitals, and got me situated and the doctor came and checked my cervix. I was now 4 cm dilated so she figured better get an IV in because this was most likely it. The nurse wanted to try, what am I a challenge or something with my wacky veins? She blew another vein, so at this point I told them I blew 3 yesterday and 1 today, let’s get the IV team in here. The nurses understood, although upset about it. I had to wait till 7 when the IV team came in but by now that was only 15 more minutes.

The shift changed and I was assigned a nurse who would be with me the rest of the day. The IV team came in and she did a beautiful job, got it right away and no black and blue mark!! The started my antibiotics for the GSB. I told them I was NOW ready for an epidural and I was next in line. The anesthesiologist was very funny but good. I hardly felt a thing. My legs were actually numb and I hardly felt the contractions.

The doctor came in again not soon after, around 9 I think, and she checked me again. I was now at 6 and 90% effaced but at station 3 so the baby was still to far up. She decided to break my water and she what that did. A couple more hours went by, I was now at 7 or 8 cm, 90 % effaced by the baby was only at 0, still too high.

Around 12:30 PM, the doctor was happy with my progression and blood show but not happy the baby hadn’t descended further. I was 10 and 100% but the baby still hadn’t moved. She decided to give my a little pit., at level 2(?) . It did the trick! At 2:05 PM, I was ready to push.

I wasn’t really feeling anything so I asked them to lower the epidural which they did. I didn’t have to push too long because at 2:35 PM, Rachel Sarah was born!!

She weighed 8 pounds, 4 ounces and was 20 ½ inches tall. Big baby for me!!

 We had a couple of minor complications. She pooped in utero so she couldn’t be placed on me right away but had to have her nose and mouth suctioned. I also must have pushed really hard because she might have broken her left clavicle bone

I do have a little hungry munger who wants to nurse all the time but my milk is slow to come in. Rachel got a little dehydrated and lost too much weight so until the milk does come in, unfortunately, we have to do some supplementing to re-hydrate and put some ounces back on that girl!

So far, Hana is being an excellent big sister and even tells Mom when baby Rachel is crying. I’m still not sure if Hana understands all this but she is being a great trooper!

So we are now a family of 4, hubby, me and 2 of the most beautiful little girls in the world!


You all are the best!!! Thanks for the congrats and thoughts!!


Sharon, Mom to Hana (10-11-00) and Rachel (4-9-03)

Mom to Hana and Rachel, official product testers at

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Sat, 04-12-2003 - 4:20pm
Oh Sharon! I am so excited for you! What a wonderful birth story! Congratulations and welcome to little Rachel Sara!

-janet and connor 19W 3D

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Sat, 04-12-2003 - 5:27pm
Congratulations shower buddy!! Great birth story...can't wait to see pics of little Rachel Sara!!

Erin & Audrey, 3 1/2 weeks old!

Erin, mom to Audrey Jane 3/18/03, ~i~ 7/1/02


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Sat, 04-12-2003 - 8:55pm
Congratulations, Sharon and welcome to the world, Rachel!! I am glad that things went so well for you.

Hugs, Lisa 18w 4d

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Sun, 04-13-2003 - 12:56pm
Congrats Sharon!


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Sun, 04-13-2003 - 10:31pm
Congratulations Sharon! I hope you are all adjusting well!

Like me, I am sure you are cherishing every moment!

Love, L

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Mon, 04-14-2003 - 9:39am
Congratulations sharon and welcome little Rachel! That is so great that Hana is being so helpful!


Jeanette and Wiggly edd 9/3/03

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Mon, 04-14-2003 - 11:53am
Congratulations Sharon...Glad to hear you are all doing well. Please keep us update on Rachel's progress...Hope your milk comes in soon and you can nurse your little angel. Best of luck to you and take care.

Melissa and Collin EDD 7/24
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Mon, 04-14-2003 - 12:53pm
Congratulations Sharon!!!!! Welcome Rachel!!!!

Hugs, Donna

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Mon, 04-14-2003 - 4:26pm
Congratulations Sharon, and welcome to Rachel Sara! Thanks for sharing your story.

Jean (EDD 6/4/03)


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