Eric Steven is here!

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Eric Steven is here!
Sat, 05-15-2010 - 3:39pm
Short Story:


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Sat, 05-15-2010 - 3:49pm

Oh Nancy, congrats on the birth of your precious baby boy! And to get through a completely natural, medicated birth without any kind of medical assistance.... that is truly amazing. I know that I felt incredibly empowered when I gave birth naturally to my youngest daughter (and will try my hardest to it again this time around!). It sounds like everything is going really well for you, including breastfeeding. Way to go. I hope that you have lots of help and support in the days and weeks to come.

Thanks so much for sharing your birth story with us, and congrats again!
Looking forward to seeing a few pictures of your new little man, Eric.


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Sat, 05-15-2010 - 3:52pm

Congrats on your baby boy. WOW!!! You are my hero for going all natural!! I can't handle pain well......I always go for the

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Sat, 05-15-2010 - 9:48pm
Awww... what wonderful news! I'm so glad to hear about your little boy!


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Sat, 05-15-2010 - 10:07pm


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Sat, 05-15-2010 - 11:20pm
Congrats!!!! Your story is so amazing and inspirational!! :) I am hoping to have a natural un-medicated birth as well, but I am terrified the pain will be too much to handle! I love your honesty in this story, and rather than it scaring me it is encouraging me that I can do it too! :) I can't wait to see pictures!! I hope you are enjoying your precious bundle of joy!! :)

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Mon, 05-17-2010 - 11:06am
Congratulations! I was thinking about an unmedicated birth this time so I really appreciate your full and honest account. I can't wait to see the pictures.
Thanks to Jill for the great siggy!

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Mon, 05-17-2010 - 8:57pm

Congratulations!! And good luck with the house...


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Tue, 05-18-2010 - 5:22pm

Congrats on your little guy!! Sounds like quite the experience going unmediated, way to go! I'm going to be trying that route this time, I've heard the moment most women give in and want the meds is when the baby is coming. Sounds like your hospital was great at working with your birth plan!

Good luck with the house & moving too!

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Tue, 05-18-2010 - 9:21pm

Congrats!!!! I can't wait to see pics! And way to go on the totally unmedicated route! I was accidentally unmedicated for the last 2 and a half hours of Parker's birth and it's got me thinking I might try to go the whole way next time... maybe. lol

And congrats on the house too!!!

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Tue, 05-18-2010 - 10:13pm

Congrats on your little boy! What a great birth story, Nancy! Sounds like you did such a great job! I'm hoping to go unmedicated this time around, too. You are my inspiration! =)

Can't wait to see pics!

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