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Tue, 04-01-2003 - 10:53am
The OB that I like (vs. the one that has the bedside manner of a turnip) called me at home on Sunday to let me know that my test for Ureaplasma came back positive. The Dr. said that they see this in 25-30% of women after they become sexually active. It is seen a lot with PID (which I have never had) and can be a culprit in miscarriages. They like to treat it with Dioxycyclene, but that cannot be taken during pregnancy. They are treating me with 500 MG of Erithromyacin, 4x day (which can be safely taken during pregnancy).

This may have been the cause in my m/c during my last pregnancy. In a way, I am glad to know that could be it because then I can quit blaming myself. But in another way, I am scared it could happen again because of it. I am also mad that my OB and RE last time didn't even test for this or attempt to treat for it.

Has anyone else had this or heard of it? I have done some research but would appreciate any information others can provide. THANK YOU!

Sorry I have been MIA for 5 days.. we have moved into our new home and are "mostly" unpacked.

Thanks in advance-