Nausea/Appetite Loss at 35 weeks

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Nausea/Appetite Loss at 35 weeks
Sun, 06-01-2003 - 3:42pm
Hey girls-

I knew that y'all could help me out when I can't seem to find answers anywhere else. For about two weeks now, I have had nausea (no vomiting) and a general loss of appetite that lasts all day. This is weird because I'm now 35 weeks, and really didn't have a whole lot of that in my first trimester. Has anyone else experienced this? Please help!


Jennifer (27) and Gabriel (EDD 7/6)
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Wed, 06-04-2003 - 10:29am
Hi, Jennifer! I feel the same. I am now 36+ weeks with my third child, and definitely remember this feeling from my first pregnancy. Sometimes I'm hungry, sometimes not, usually not hungry for whatever is in front of me. Sometimes I can't tell if I'm hungry or nauseous. I am wanting to eat weird things...yesterday I snacked on biscuit dough, sweet pickles and half a Hershey bar! It's unsatisfying to plan and cook meals, which is just like I felt in the first trimester, although I don't get nauseous writing out the grocery list like I did then! I think it's because of stomach shrinkage. No food is very inspiring, which is sad for me, because generally I LOVE to eat. In fact, I do remember from my first pregnancy even losing my breakfast once in the last month. In some ways, the last month is a little like a return to the first for me...the tiredness, the low appetite, the dragging around. Not quite as intense as the first three months, but definitely comparable. So anyway, I'm with you! We'll hang in there...not long now till these little babies are on the outside instead of the inside!