Light brown spotting for 2 wks. scared!

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Light brown spotting for 2 wks. scared!
Mon, 06-02-2003 - 6:24pm
I had a mc in January and am now 6wk5d pg. I've been spotting lightly for the last two weeks. There is never anything on my underwear, so I almost hate to go to the bathroom and face the fact. We don't have any children and I am so upset that this is happening. I had an ultrasound on Friday and it showed things are fine. This doesn't make me feel much better. Last time there was a heartbeat and then three days later there wasn't. I am not telling as many people as last time because it's just too hard to deal with when you lose it.

On the up side I have morning sickness and my face has never had so many pimples on it. With my first pregnancy I didn't really feel pregnant. I lost that one at 8 wks. Sometimes I feel that this will work, and then others I am almost in tears.

How do the rest of you deal with it?

Trying not to be too excited in North Dakota.


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Tue, 06-03-2003 - 8:27am
I know exactly how you feel (as do the rest of the women on this board). Just keep taking one day at a time and set little goals for yourself and your pregnancy. On the spotting issue - so many of us experienced this. With my current pregnancy I spotted EVERY day from about 10 or 11dpo until around 7 or 7.5 weeks. Usually it was brown, some days pink or even bright red. I am now 29 1/2 weeks pregnant. Spotting is NOT necessarily bad. I would continue to concentrate on the positive signs that you've had and try not to worry too much about the spotting (I know easier said than done).

GL to you.


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Tue, 06-03-2003 - 9:14am
(((Hugs Sweetie)))

First of all 'try' and relax. A lot of women here have had spotting early in pregnancy. I also have and have gone on to have ahealthy pregnancy so far. 30 weeks Thursday. If the u/s is showing that all is good I would try and stick by that.

Actually, I had more than just spotting. I had heavey bleeding. My doctor believes that I had a blood line. Some of the tissue used to create this little one was kida stuck in the uterus and was being expelled. So, it could definatley be a good thing also.

Sending you a ton of patience vibes and 'sticky'vibes....

Great big hugs to you also.....


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Wed, 06-04-2003 - 12:48pm
I had an ectopic last November and just found out yesterday I'm PG again. I understand exactly how you feel! I am having some cramping just like last time so I am very worried. I am trying to stay positive and only take this one day at a time. I also going to enjoy each day as it comes and find something to be happy about, even if things don't look so good.

I also have entrusted my Mom, my in-laws and my best friend with our news so that I have a strong support system. I would advise doing the same!

I wish you luck and I will pray for you!

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Wed, 06-04-2003 - 5:29pm
Thank all of you for the kind words. I will continue to look her for support. Good luck to everybody!

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Wed, 06-04-2003 - 8:06pm
I haven't had any spotting with this pregnancy. I am now 5W3D and feeling every sign sometimes. I have gotten this far by enjoying the conception of life, and the possibilities that it holds. One day at a time is the only way to go. I am waiting for U/S as doctor thinks it is still too early. Enjoy the small steps. Good luck for the rest of an HH 9 months.


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Thu, 06-19-2003 - 1:34pm
My name is Camilla. I am about 69 days now. I don't know how that is in days or weeks, and I am spotting, but a little.

I am nervous because I had two miscarriages. First was when I was 5 months, and another at 2 months. Now pregnant again is making me kinda nervous, cause whenever I bleed does not mean a good thing for me.

So please all pray that this pregnancy will make the 9 months mark.

I love reading this board to give me encouragement.

Thanks to all.

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Tue, 06-24-2003 - 10:18pm
I just wanted to thank everyone who posts with their spotting stories. I spotted with my son, now 2, and not at all with the baby I lost at 20 weeks in January...and now I'm 8 or 9 weeks with #3 and spotting brown and a bit crampy. I have an ultrasound in the morning. I am trying not to get my hopes too high or too low...I feel like this is more spotting than I had with Sam, and of course I just feel less confident in the whole process now.

Anyway it's very encouraging to read that so many of you had positive spotting outcomes...I did too, the first time. I'm just trying to remember that. I don't know, this time I have a bad feeling. If nothing else, though, you all made me laugh about the toilet paper thing...guess I'm not the only one.

I can't believe your doctor won't see you..the first time I spotted (with my toddler), the midwives rushed me right in and did an ultrasound at some really early stage, like 5 weeks, and saw a heartbeat...of course a week later I was back and they were doing it again. Anyway, he or she sounds very unsympathetic. Good luck, I hope you have a happy ending (beginning).

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Wed, 06-25-2003 - 2:46pm
Hi All -

I'm just wondering if any of you ladies have anymore updates on your spotting stories. I am 6 weeks along today and found some brown spotting on the toilet paper this morning. I m/c back in March '03, so I am completely freaked out about anything seeming even remotely wrong. I called the doctor and they said it would still be too early to do an ultrasound to check for viability, but they did have me come in to check my HCG levels and progesterone (which was low in my last pregnancy). I have to go back in 2 days for them to retest my HCG levels to determine if they are rising at an appropriate rate or not. I am really nervous about this......just wanted to check and see if/when your spotting stopped and how things are going.



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Thu, 06-26-2003 - 8:40pm

I am new at this but here it goes. I am 6 weeks pregnant after having a miscarriage in Feb '03. I spotted brown with my first pregnancy, 2 yr boy, but I can't remember for how long. With the second pregnancy, I just started spotting pink and it lasted 10 days before I finally lost it. I am spotting again and terribly afraid this time even though it's brown again. It has gone to light pink and then back to brown. I had HCG tests done and got the results today. Doc said Monday was 41 (I am assuming he means 4100?) and Wednesday was 58? He wasn't really open to explanation on the results, just said that it was good and everything was fine. I just pray night and day that it's going to stop soon or I am going to lose my mind worrying about the whole thing.

I sympathize with you, I know what your feeling. I will start praying for you too.

Take Care.


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Sun, 07-13-2003 - 5:10am
Hi guys, hope you are all well,

I am 8 going on 9 weeks and this morning i went to the loo and noticed very light/yellowish/brownish discharge on my knickers, it was the smallest spot of it but when you have m/c before you worry about everything. I had some sickness in my 6 and 7th weeks and bb's have been tender for a while now, they are not as sore as they have been though. I had a u/s when I tought I was 8 wks but it turned out I was only 5 going on 6. Anyway I am a little worried about the loss of symptoms and the dischage. I have an u/s on thurs but I think I might bring it forward as I cant wait till then.

I am just going on and on so I will say good bye now, wish you all the best of luck and I am sure your angel in heaven will keep this baby safe for you.

All my love from Scotland