Tiptoeing in!

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Tiptoeing in!
Fri, 08-08-2003 - 9:36am
Just tested +++ this morning at 17 DPO. I miscarried in May at 9 weeks and have a 4yo DS. I'm so wary of spreading the news this time around, but I had to post here or else burst ...

Assuming everything goes well, I look forward to becoming part of your group!

Nancy, EDD 4/15ish with #2

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Fri, 08-08-2003 - 1:25pm
Congratualtions Nancy, this group is great. I joined about a week or so ago and everyone is so positive and upbeat!. Keep us posted on your progress


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Fri, 08-08-2003 - 1:39pm
Yeah Nancy!!!

I'm right there with you. I had a m/c at 9weeks in april......We only told our parents this time around and that's it! It's hard not screaming it from the roof tops. this is our first so we are very hopeful that it will ***stick*** this time! GLTY! I'm 4w3d EDD 4/13/04


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Tue, 08-12-2003 - 11:32pm
Nancy! I am SOOOOO happy to see you here. And I promise you, nobody we know will hear anything from me.

I used to post here more regularly before the format change, but since then, I haven't been able to keep up although I do lurk on occasion. Not sure what brought me here tonight but whatever it was, I'm very glad it did.

Please know I'm thinking of you and your new little one, sending sticky and healthy vibes for the baby, gentle first trimester vibes for you, and prayers for your peace of mind because I know how terribly difficult a new pregnancy can be after you've been through a loss.

With hugs and a really big goofy smile of joy,

Meri & Cublet, edd 9/25

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