Calling all mommies to be........

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Calling all mommies to be........
Fri, 08-15-2003 - 7:45pm
Tell us a little about yourselves...........

My name is Holly 28,and I am happily married to Grant 33 and have a DD Isabella 5, and Jaxson who is 2. I also have 4 lost angels in heaven. I am currently 16 wks pregnant and so far so good. I am a SAHM who loves her job most days-:) and live in DeRidder LA.

I love to scrapbook and and teaching myself to sew. I can't wait to learn more about all of you.



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Sat, 08-16-2003 - 10:24am
I just turned 42 and have a 17mo old DS. I'll be 5 weeks prego tomorrow. I also am a SAHM.


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Sat, 08-16-2003 - 6:37pm
I am Lyn 33 years old and have a DH who is 31. I have two angels and Baby Cassidy who is due Nov. 8 and I am 28 weeks today. I work in software support for a mortgage company and would desparately love to work at home so I can be with my new baby when she is born. Good luck to all of you TTC and future moms-to-be. Persistence pays off!! Trust me on this!!! :)
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Sun, 08-17-2003 - 8:20pm
My name is Anna (31), dh (34) and I have been married 10 1/2 yrs. We have a dd 9, ds 5 1/2 yrs and two angels 12/96 and 8/02. I have been a SAHM since my oldest was born. Prior to that, I worked in micriobiology/biotech research.

We are nervously expecting #3 on 3-14-04. So far things are going well. We had an u/s two weeks ago and saw a healthy heartbeat. Hoping to hear it soon!

H&H pregnancies to all of you.


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Sun, 08-17-2003 - 9:11pm
Hi All,

Me 33, DH 35......married for 13 years with no luck on conceiving children until this past Feb/03 and ended in M/C April/03 at 9 weeks.......Now PG again!! EDD 4/13/04 with our first child. We love animals, we have 2 dogs and several cats. We like to ride motorcycles (no more for me for 9 months!) I work for a nationwide cable company. Hope to be a SAHM some day! Nice to meet you all!

~*~*~*~*~*~SBV*~*~*~*~*~*~ all the way around!

I have my 1st U/S on August 27th at 7weeks. DR wants to see the heartbeat! (ME TOO)

Take care!


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Mon, 08-18-2003 - 12:28am
Hey Lynnie!

So good to see you over here! I am so excited for you and thinking about you lots!

Tons of heartbeat vibes for your ultrasound.


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Mon, 08-18-2003 - 2:33pm
Hi everyone,

My name is Lisa (35), dh (35 almost 36). We have two children dd 4 1/2 and ds 2 years, one angel in heaven. We are due with #3 on 3/10/04. Very excited and nervous. We have been married for 9 years. I wish I was a SAHM but I get to bring my kids to work with me so I guess that is the next best thing. I love sports in general - wierd I know. I also love home improvement stuff. I'm addicted to HGTV and TLC on the weekends!

I hope we all have very healthy and happy pregnancies. I look forward to hearing from everyone.


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Thu, 08-21-2003 - 1:40pm
Hi, everyone! I am Denise (31) and my husband (38) and I have been married for almost 7 years. Our son is going to be 4 in October. I stayed home for him for 1 year and then had to go back to work full time (which was pure hell). The plan now is to stay home with both my children after this baby is born and just work a few hours a week on a family business.

I also have one angel in heaven and that happened at the end of April of this year- so needless to say I am anxiously awaiting a happy ending to this pregnancy.



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lil' angel 4/03

baby to be 3/27/04

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Fri, 08-22-2003 - 3:56pm
My name is Mary, I'm 34. Been married to my DH John for 16 years. We have 2 boys, David, is 13 & Ryan is 7. We lost our first daughter ^i^ Tiffany 2 years ago, and had a M/C in November. We gave up on having another baby and decided to adopt my neices baby girl, named Mariah, who is 6 months old. Seems I got pg 2 1/2 weeks after we got her. (LOL) I am now almost 10 weeks along, due on the first day of spring. :) I live in AZ & I am a SAHM.


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Sat, 08-23-2003 - 10:46am
My name is Wendy. I am 30 and dh is 31. We have been married 10 yrs as of 9/4. We have a son who just turned 6. I had a miscarriage before him and another one last Sept. I am currently 8 wks pregnant. My first appt is next week and I am very hopeful. I stayed home with my son for 1.5 yr, best time of my life. Then I went to work part time for a chiropractor doing front desk work and have been there since. I am absolutely sick of it, and cant wait to stay home again as soon as possible. Between my son, 2 dogs, a cat, and dh working alot, my house needs me badly! We live in SW Florida, but I am originally from NC and dh originally from LA.

Wendy, edd 4/1/04

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Mon, 08-25-2003 - 10:27pm
Hello everyone!!

My name is Kelly and I am 21 years old (youngest of the bunch so far) DH is 25 and we have 1 DD who is 2 and we have 1 angel we lost in April of this year an we are excited of our new arrival due 3/24/04. I am also a SAHM and I love every minute of it. I wish happy and healthy pregnancies to everyone!!



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