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Fri, 08-29-2003 - 12:41pm
Hi just wanted to introduce myself.My name is Angie i had a m/c april.I took a test yesterday and its positive.I was so shocked.Im am so happy i cant believe it.But i cant stop worrying.How can i get through the first 3 months without worring myself.I wanna tell my children but i scared to with my last m/c it hurt them so much.My son is only 2 but after my m/c he was telling everyone mommy bleed and baby died and my daughter who was 7 at the time cryed and cryed.Does anyone have any advice on how i can stop worring.Thanks for any advice anyone can give me.


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Fri, 08-29-2003 - 1:15pm
Angie - congratulations!!! I wish I could give you advice on how not to worry, unfortuneately I think I wrote the book on worrying. It is pretty hard not to after you have m/c. I just try to think positive and say my prayers every night. Hopefully, some one else will come up with a good idea. We did not tell our kids yet - I am 12 weeks - and haven't really decided when to tell them. My daughter is 4 and knows that the baby died in mommy's tummy and so we didn't want to worry her until we knew our odds were better at having a successful pregnancy this time. We still don't know when that will be. But I wish you good luck and a happy healthy pregnancy. This group has been a blessing for me.


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Sun, 09-14-2003 - 9:38am
I also wish I could help you from worrying. I feel kind of robbed from the feeling of excitement and joy, I am afraid to get overly excited. I have a wonderful ds who is 2 1/2 and I m/c in June. And here I go again. We are not going to tell him for a while yet. What a different experience. This pg is loaded with worry, however I have found to just keep on going. What is going to be will be. I have to make sure to allow myself to get excited about it a little. It is hard. I hope all goes well for you.

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