Any other May 04 mommies?

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Any other May 04 mommies?
Tue, 10-07-2003 - 10:13pm
Just wondering who else is anxiously waiting for May 04? I'm due with our first on May 2!! We lost our angel at 9w5d on June 30/03.



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Wed, 10-08-2003 - 11:12am
Hi, Chantelle

I'm due 5/9/04. This would be my first child. I am completely anxious about "coming out" since I m/c'd @ 10 weeks in May (missed abortion). I really hope all goes well for all of us this time. I am cautiously optimistic.



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Thu, 10-09-2003 - 11:17am
Hi Chantelle! I see you over on the May 04 EC.

I lost my first Angel 10/4/02 and my second one on 7/18/03.


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Thu, 10-09-2003 - 12:34pm
Hi ladies

EDD May 11 after m/c Aug 31, 2002.

Still very nervous although my u/s on Tuesday looked normal and little peanut's heart is beating away.

Had very very scant spotting last night - have no idea why? Also feel a little cramping. I keep telling myself it was a fluke. I also keep temping (part of my paranoia) and it looked good this AM.

*Sigh* Here's hoping and praying we all make it through and come May - we will have beautiful babies in our arms.

Deana :-)

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Fri, 10-10-2003 - 2:33pm
Count me in, too. I'm due May 25. I just had my first appointment today. Doctor said everything appears OK. I m/c in July at 7weeks, so if my dates are right, I'm just passed the time where I lost my little one. I have an u/s scheduled for next week. I was hoping for one today, but there was no tech on duty!! I'm still a worry wart, despite a positive appointment. I hope I feel better after the u/s.
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Fri, 10-10-2003 - 5:18pm
Me, me, me!!! EDD 5-23. I lost my angel at 10w2d, so I am just holding my breath until then.
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Tue, 10-14-2003 - 2:13pm
Yes, it is so very exciting when you get past the point where you were before.

I was 6 weeks, 6 days and when I reached 7 weeks, I was like woo hoo!

Change to my due date based on my u/s, the nurse wrote 5/13 on my paperwork. Good thing it isn't a Friday!

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Tue, 10-14-2003 - 6:54pm
I am due May 22nd. I have two beautiful daughters (5 and 2). I had a m/c following them at 8.5 weeks and a stillborn son at 35 weeks. So.....Very nervous and happy at the same time.
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Wed, 10-15-2003 - 5:12pm
Hi, I'm due June 3, 2004....but my first was three weeks early so I wouldn't be surprised for a May 04 baby. I lost my Angel on July 26th at 11 weeks and I have a two year old son named Adam. Good Luck!
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Thu, 10-16-2003 - 2:14pm
Hi Ladies!

I'm a bit of a lurker here rather than an active poster. I am due May 24'04. I lost my angel Jan 10'03 at 12 weeks or so we thought. I really didn't know when i conceived and AF was funny for a few months. At the u/s done while/during my m/c, the tech said there was positively no evidence of a 12 week live pregnancy in me. But, because we didn't know what my dates were, we couldn't determine the accuracy of this statement. I am walking on pins, needles, egg shells and just about everything else until ... i'm really not sure what i'm waiting for. Maybe nothing but a baby in my arms will make me believe it is all really happening.

On a more positive note, my body is doing things this time that it didn't do last time. I'm 8 weeks 4 days and i already see a slight pudge at the very bottom of my tummy. My BB's are growing like i've never thought possible (they didn't POP this way last time..LOL). So many other things are different, too.

Well, Here's praying for a very healthy 6-7 months left for us May'04 mammas!


edd may 24'04

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Fri, 10-17-2003 - 9:55am
Hi Girls,

I am due 5/10/04. I lost my angel at 9weeks 3days on 6/26/03. I've past that milestone! I'm now 10weeks 5 days. I spotted a little last night - so right now I'm sitting by my phone waiting for the Dr's office to call me back. I went for an US on Tuesday - Saw a very active baby!!! Can something be wrong after 3 days? Guess I'll just keep my fingers crossed until they call!


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