ROLL CALL FOR 10/12/03

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ROLL CALL FOR 10/12/03
Sun, 10-12-2003 - 2:55pm

HI everyone...I am Carla! Here is a bit about me and my family...and I can not wait to get to know you all too!

I am 30 years old and a SAHM! DH Chris (30) live with our two beautiful girls (MariaElena 3, and Lindsey 2 )


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Sun, 10-12-2003 - 4:16pm
Hello, all...

My name is Carie. Im 28 (29 on Oct 21), and Im the mama of AJ (2/26/96), Nate (10/21/99), and mama to my angels Angel (10/4/02) and Grace (7/18/03). Im currently expecting baby #5, due around 5/25/04.

Still feeling a bit scared this time around!! My first 2 pregnancies were a easy, minor nausea for 12 weeks and that was about it. Everytime I feel nauseated I get happy (isn't that odd?!?!).

Hoping to have a nice stay on this board...


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Sun, 10-12-2003 - 4:42pm

Hi my name is Angelia (26) dh Robert (34) "Bean" (angel lost Aug. 22 2000) Ethan (2) and Jake(7 months).....My story is:

I ttced for almost two years to get "Bean"...We lost him after I started spotting...I spotted for 6 days at almost 12 weeks...First 4 days.."Bean" was okay...still had hearbeat via u/ the 5th day..."Bean" had died...I had a d and c to remove him...then stopped ovulating...had to take pg third month of Clomid at 100mg...then had to take progesterone in oil shots for 12 weeks due to corpus lutueal defect...everyday...then developed severe gestational diabetes...was induced at 38w3d...had a horrible time getting him here...almost 4 hours of pushing and 12 hours of labor....Then had arithemia's after the delivery from stress...had to go back to the E.R. twice in one day..Then 9 months pg with Jake...spotted for a couple of days...carried him fine until severe diabetes again...had to see a maternal fetal specialist again...then he came a month early from preterm labor...he was okay though...then three days later my galbladder went bad from the pg...had it removed...then my uterus filled up with blood and large clots...starting bleeding to death...lost 4 1/2 pints of blood...had to have another d and c (possible hysterectomy)...4 pints of blood..and three more days in the hospital..and two weeks I have been around the loop with giving birth and it all lead me down the path I am now..I am back in school to get my BSN for labor and delivery...(Currently have all A' I am proud)...and I am determined to do that is it for now...not to mention my oldest has asthma and eczema and my youngest has I have been thru that as well...sorry so long..

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Sun, 10-12-2003 - 9:25pm

My name is Krista, DH is Stefan, We have been ttc since Jan. had no visit from AF for nearly 4 months. Then she came and we got PG in June only to MC on July 19/03. Now we are PG again. EDD June 21/02. We are praying for a healthy baby and are so excited and a little scared. We are not telling anyone for a few weeks at least and that is going to be difficult. So the ladies on these boards are the only ones privledged to this info. & my DR of course


Krista and Gabriel

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Mon, 10-13-2003 - 9:35am


You and me have GOT to talk!!! LOL sounds as if we both have been through the ringer!

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Mon, 10-13-2003 - 9:38am

Awwww, I am so pleased that you told us your exciting news.

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Mon, 10-13-2003 - 2:11pm

I am 34 years old and married to my best friend. I have no children, only a very large, wonderful, 16 year old tabby (he's my first baby!). My edd is 5/9/04. I mc'd in 5/03. At first it was a missed abortion. I spotted slightly at 10w/5d. Went to see doc and u/s revealed embryo had died @ 8 weeks or so (a few days after beloved husband and I had seen heartbeat). I was scheduled for D&C 2 days later at 9 a.m., but started bleeding out around 4 a.m. (Miscarriages are horrifically painful, no?) Had to have emergency D&C. (Yeah for general anaesthesia.) Was surprised to find I conceived in 8/03 -- am hopeful, but cautious. Only people who know are beloved husband, my parents (they are doctors), my docs, and one incredibly cool co-worker who recently had a baby. I think my in-laws think I'm defective because I mc'd -- this is why we haven't told them. I'm further along than I was last time and I have sporadic, but horrible, morning sickness. I'm so nervous, but very grateful to have all of you to chat with.



Lucia (5/10/04) & Tique


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Mon, 10-13-2003 - 8:57pm
Hello everyone! My name is Wendy. I have been married to my highschool sweetheart for 10 yrs, though they havent all been that sweet. I was 20. Dh wanted to wait til 30 to start a family, I wanted to start right away. After winning him over to the idea a year later, it took us 1yr 10 mos to get pregnant the first time. We were so excited. But it didnt go right from the start. I had spotting and pain. My drs never saw anything on u/s and my hcg levels dropped. I miscarried at 6wks. Eight months later I got pregnant again. This pregnancy went fine, with the exception that I was a paranoid basketcase the whole 9 mos and then some. My son is now 6 yrs old. I originally thought we would only have one child; however I saved everything "just in case" I changed my mind. And I did when my son was 4. I had to convince dh again, and after 7 mos ttc and just before my sons 5th birthday, I found out I was pg. I was looking forward to a pregnancy that wasnt directly after a loss, vowing not to be so worried this time and enjoy it more. (this was last year) All seemed perfectly wonderful, until I went in for my first OB appt at 8wks. They decided to do an u/s because I felt large for my dates. This u/s revealed an 8 wk old baby w/no heartbeat. I was devastated. I had a follow-up u/s a week later to confirm, and a d&c the next week. It was traumatic to me, and its been a long road of emotional recovery. I actually thought it would be easier because I had gone through it before. It was not. It took me 5 months to even want to try again. My cycles were completely messed up anyway, not ovulating and prolonged spotting. Finally they went back to normal on their own. After 5 months of TTC I was getting ready to call it all quits, when I was pleasantly surprised to find out I was pregnant again. So now once again, I am a paranoid basketcase, but I am glad. I am currently 15 weeks 4 days, excited and terrified, doing my best to be optimistic.

(My inlaws thought I was the defect also. In their mind there had to be something the dr could do to fix my "problem", and they have nothing positive to say, I just do my best to stay away from them)

Wendy, edd 4/3/04

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Mon, 10-13-2003 - 10:41pm
I am Lyn and I am 33 and DH is 31. We are expecting a baby girl, Cassidy who is due Nov. 8th!!. I can't believe my pregnancy is almost over. My husband and I were looking back at the calendar and how the days used to just drag and drag and I would cry so hard for the first 16 weeks. I have had two prior miscarriage at 10 weeks and 12 weeks and I never thought I would make it through and complete a pregnancy. I know alot of you have been through much worse than I have and I can't even fathom what it would be like to be in your place. Now that I am 36 weeks, it feels so real like my dreams are coming true and I wish you all the best. Please hang in there, it is a rollercoaster ride but I promise one day the waiting, the tears, and the uncertainty will all payoff. I wish you all the best very best of luck with your pregnancies.



Cassidy due (11/8/2003)

Two Angels (never to be forgotten)

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Mon, 10-13-2003 - 11:18pm
Hi ladies,

I'm Anna (31), and DH (34) and I are expecting our 3rd on March 14th. We have been married for 10 1/2 yrs and together longer than either of us can remember (since I was 14 and he was 17!) We have a dd who is 9 yrs and ds who is 5 1/2yrs. This will be our last child.

We got pg with our first 6 mos after we were married. The pregnancy was fairly easy except for some bleeding for a few days around 10 wks. A trip to the ER showed everything to be okay, and we never did figure out what caused it. She was born perfectly healthy in June '94, a week before her due date. Two years later we decided to have our second and got pregnant in 2 mos, only to lose the baby at 10 wks. I miscarried "naturally" at home the day before my D&C was scheduled. It was the worst experience of my life, or so I thought. That was in Dec '96. I found out I was pregnant with our son on Father's Day of 1997 (the day my DH got his Master's Degree.) We were thrilled, but nervous and didn't tell anyone for quite a while. Somehow though I knew that this one was going to be okay. The pregnancy was great and the only complications were at delivery. I was scheduled to be induced and he managed to flip over the night before. He ended up breech and they were unable to turn him so we had a c-section.

Then we moved from CA to WA, and bought a house and got a black lab puppy in 2000 (or I'm sure we would have been pg that year!) Decided to try for #3 and were pg after a few months. Unfortunately, I started spotting and cramping and the u/s showed a blighted ovum. I had a D&C on Aug 22, '02. I was devastated. I couldn't believe this had happened to me twice. You can't help but wonder what's wrong with you. It was an awful summer. My daughter fell and broke her arm the same day I started spotting, my mom was sick, DH was worried about his job. It was the worst. I got really depressed, but had to keep going for my kids. Then, my stupid AF didn't show for 10 wks after the D&C! I had to take meds to get things back on track. We decided to try again in Jan. It was frustrating because we had never taken so long to get pg. I saw my doc and he prescribed Clomid to start in mid-July. I found out I was pg on July 3rd. My doc had me start on Prometrium right away until 12 wks.

We are now 18 wks and 1 day, and everything is going great so far. U/S at 8 wks and Quad Screen all came back great. I have my next u/s in 2 wks. I am so happy to have made it this far.

I agree with the previous poster who said that it's all worth it in the end. I know that after my first m/c, I never thought I'd be happy again, but then our son was born, and he is the light of my life. I just can't help but think that if I hadn't lost that baby, I wouldn't have him. I would do it all over again to have my little boy. It all makes sense in the end.

Sorry to ramble. Wishing you all the very best.


DD 6/94

^i^ 12/96

DS 2/98

^i^ 8/02

edd 3-14-04

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Tue, 10-14-2003 - 1:48am
Hey - I'm Misty Dawn. 26 years old, husband 29, daughter 7, edd 4-8-04. I got pg about 18 mo's after daughter was born, and my water broke at 13 weeks at work (2nd day on the job!)...god, that sucked. Doctors at er were a nightmare - argued that I wasn't pg and ordered a pg blood test that ended up costing me $100. Generally treated me like a huge inconvenience and sent me home to "finish...there's nothing we can do for you." I was in labor for about 10 hours that time. I got pg about a year & 1/2 later and miscarried at 7 weeks lmp, then again in April 2002. Again, I miscarried at 7 weeks LMP almost to the day. Doc was throwing her hands up at this point with no idea what was going on. I had at that point resigned myself to having one child, but at the end of July this year I found out I was pg again. There have been a couple of scares along the way (no spotting, just HCG counts that weren't too promising), but it looks like we're going to have a little one this April. I've made it to 15 weeks and I am confident that everything is going to be fine.

I am confident in between nervous breakdowns about what could go wrong, that is. ;)

Any way, welcome to the group and I hope that our support is as helpful to you as it has been to me.

misty dawn