Roll call for July EDD

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Roll call for July EDD
Fri, 11-14-2003 - 3:43pm


it seems there's few of us here! Let's get to know each other and we will get through this together.

Congratulations all on your new pregnancy! That is defiantly different experience after you had m/c. I read in a book "Preventing M/C: the good news" that you should set aside a certain hour each day for worry. Then try and put panic to one side for the rest of the day. What do you think? Should we have "panic hour" thread? I also read advice to list all your worries on paper, then you would be able to face them and deal with them one by one. Anybody has any other "tricks"?

I wish you luck.


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Fri, 11-14-2003 - 7:40pm
I'm here too! EDD of 7/11/04 with baby #1.

I've been looking for some books to help get through this worry stuff and haven't really found anything that "feels right." I'll have to check out the book you mentioned!

I know I'm just going to feel so much better when we see a good heartbeat and a baby that is measuring to dates on our first u/s. Although I didn't m/c until 11 weeks (actually, had d&c), we never had a normal u/s - baby measured way behind and with a slow heartrate.

It's going to be a tense week until our u/s next Friday, 11/21! I'm going to need all the "stress hours" I can get to vent!

Good luck to us all! Grow, babies, grow!!!

Rebecca (29) & DH (36)

Expecting MIRACLE baby 7/11/04

PCOS, blocked tube, male factor

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Fri, 11-14-2003 - 8:15pm
Looks like there's a few of us right in the same timeframe for our EDDs- I'm 7/12/04. That is really a guess, I haven't been to the doc yet, just got a really dark test line on a home pregnancy test last night. I am HOPING for an u/s at around 8 weeks- that'll confirm whatever is going to happen. THEN maybe I can relax some. I feel a little different with this one that my m/c one- it seems more real- is that good? LOL Bless our little ones!

Love, Kendra

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Sun, 11-16-2003 - 5:07pm
hi all

chrissy here. due july 14, i think. i too am waiting until 8 weeks for u/s. right after thanksgiving i am making the appointment. i had a m/c just last month. got married two month ago. i'm 29 dh is 30. very fertile, very nervous and very hopeful. good luck to you all and congrats.

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Mon, 11-17-2003 - 8:32am
Hello, Congratulations to all.

I just found out last week I am pregnant. Here is my story,

We first started ttc January 03. After six months I got pg. in may. at 11 weeks on july 12 i started spotting. I knew it was all over. Monday I went to dr. office had sonogram, and the only thing we saw was an empty sac. Blighted Ovum they said. I was devistated. I had been carrying an empty sac. Well I had d & C two days later. We started ttc last month and in our second month of trying BAM!!!. So here I am with a July 24 edd. I am very causious this time. I have only told dh, two friends and one collegue. No one else knows. We are holding out for our 2 month appt. and a sonogram with a nice healthy picture of our little tyke. THen we will let our family know. Its cool, I am due two months after my SIL, this is their first child also. And my other SIL just had a baby in May. So thats my story.

Glad to meet you all.


Edd July 24, 2004.

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Tue, 11-18-2003 - 8:49am
Hi All! I found I was pg last week. Our due date is 7/13/04. We had a mc last year at 10 weeks--totally devestating. It was a blighted ovum. Six months prior to that, I had what my doctor terms a "chemical pregnancy". For those of you who don't know what this is, it is where you have a positive pregnancy test, but miscarry before they can confirm via u/s. My doctor said it was not a "true miscarriage"--funny it felt like one. Anyway, here we are again.

We have one baby already--well, he's not a baby, he's two. My pregnancy was easy and healthy with my first, I was totally unprepared for what happend last year.

We are having our first u/s this Friday 11/21. I'm really sweating out this week. They did a blood workup last week--and all my levels were fine--so I guess that should comfort me some. But then again, my hormone levels were fine last year at this time too.

I'm trying to stay positive--its hard though. I don't want to get my hopes up only to have them totally dashed when we go for the u/s.

Good Luck to you all!

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Wed, 11-19-2003 - 8:04pm

Hey Kat et al!!

My EDD based on my O date is 7/18/2004.

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^i^ 8/20/03

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Thu, 11-20-2003 - 12:43am

Hey Lisa!

I was missing you so much girl! I am not much on July board (it's way to busy for me), so i was so happy you stopped by and post update. I have an U/S scheduled for 26th as well! Isn't that cool. Hope you are doing well and glad you are taking charge of your pg. I need to find OB first lol. Let's hope for two strong HBs on 26th and i will be looking for you update. Take it easy and REST, REST, REST


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Thu, 11-20-2003 - 7:02am
hi guys,

i'm also due mid-july. not positive about the actual date b/c af was a little screwy after my d&c. so i'm not sure if my cycle is 28 days or 30 days.

anyway, i got pg w/ my first in july of this year, which ended w/a blighted ovum. i had a d&c on 8/6/03. we were told to wait 1 cycle before trying. i wanted to wait 2, and luckily got pg right away.

so here i sit, 5 1/2 weeks pg. my first u/s is on 12/4 and i should be 7 1/2. i'm thinking about pushing back another week. if i'm going to see a h/b, i want to see it!!!

so for the next few weeks i'll just be battling a lot of nerves and trying to put my worries aside.

right now, i'm just hoping to get through that first milestone of seeing the h/b. that would be wonderful. nice to meet you ladies. hope the next 8-9 mos are smooth sailing for all of us.


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Tue, 12-02-2003 - 12:36pm
Jodi and her twins to be here. I am finally pg again after an ectopic loss in February. It has been a long trip to get here and I am so FREAKING nervous!!! Every little thing makes me nervous!!! But as of now I am due July 16th. Hope to see us all there!!!

Jodi, Bug and Bean


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Wed, 12-03-2003 - 5:14pm
Hi, I think I'm having an insecure day - I've been lurking and posting WAY too much today. Anyhoo, my name is Kristin and I had a m/c Sept. 16th (lasted forever, no d&c) and am pg again with no visit from AF. I had an u/s this past Monday and saw the hb (140 bpm) and I should be calming down, but I'm anything and everything BUT calm! I know you all know what that's like - I just can't wait to feel the baby moving and have the constant reassurance that things are going well - too bad I have to wait another couple of months!


edd#3 07/21/04

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