Roll call for 11/26

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Roll call for 11/26
Wed, 11-26-2003 - 4:50pm
Hi, Everyone,

I've never started one of these before, but I've been seeing quite a few postings from newer folks and I'd like to know a little more about everyone! And I'd like to hear from some folks who've been around but haven't been posting as frequently.

I am 16w5d today. If all goes well, this will be our first baby and the first grandchild for both our parents. Beloved and I are both onlies. I miscarried in 5/03 and was positively despondent. It was a missed abortion @ 10w5d, embryo stopped growing @ 8 weeks. I started spotting and then started bleeding out the following day. It sucked (understatement). I felt so awful, but the worst part was nobody knew why I was such a freak at work. It also felt horrible to have my in-laws think I was defective in some way. This pregnancy has been very different from my last pregnancy. I've had pretty bad morning sickness, all kinds of temperature fluctuations caused by hormonal surges, and a spotting scare @ 11 weeks. It's been rough, but, thanks to the wonderful women on this board, I made it through the first trimester. Last pg was very lonely since I had no one to share with. I think I managed to keep some of my sanity because I was able to communicate with other women who understood how anxious I felt. I will always be especially grateful to Lisa and Angelia (where are you Angelia????) for their calm and thoughtful responses. I am also grateful to Misty Dawn for keeping me laughing (girl, you are too funny!) and most recently Beth (so considerate). Niti, Jamie, Katherine, Krista, and so many others newer ladies, my heart goes out to you. I have been where you are and understand how despairing this time is. Sticky vibes to you all! I'm sorry if I have left others out, we are relying on my terribly unreliable memory here!

Have a good T-day. Luck to us all.


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Thu, 11-27-2003 - 12:55pm

I have been wondering where Angelia is too? I am 11 W today. I think we are going to begin to tell next week.(other that immediate family that know already) I am getting sick of wearing baggy clothes trying to hide my little bulge. It has been a rocky road and I am still nervous everyday. I have had two spotting scares. (one was only very light spotting)

Right now I am thinking of switching Drs. and I have pretty much decided that I will. I just need to get my files transferred. My next appointment will be Friday Dec 5/03 12W1D. I will get another US at 18W (wow that seems like a long time.) Right now I am trying to wait paitently for a signs that everything is going ok. (like my belly growing).

I would like to wish everyone smooth Pregnancies and Healthy Bundles of joy on your EDD.


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Thu, 11-27-2003 - 1:17pm

Thanks for starting this thread. I'm so sorry for your loss, especially since it was your first. Miscarriage never even entered my mind the first time I was pregnant, and I went on to have a healthy 10lb, 2oz baby boy who's just turned 6. We decided to wait to have our second, and then we we started trying, it was easy for me to get pregnant, but not to keep them. I've had four losses and it's so hard to believe that this one is going to go all the way (even though I saw the h/b yesterday).

We haven't told anyone about this pregnancy yet, we're going to wait till Christmas - since the other losses weren't taken so well with my family - it's an uncomfortable thing for them to talk about so we never did. I have a very supportive husband who helped me through.

I'm 10w (by my calculations) today and am praying for another 30 good weeks. I'm so thankful I found this board as all you ladies are terrific and always full of encouraging words even though there's so much anxiety surrounding us, and for some, sadness too.

I wish you all luck and healthy babies!!


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Thu, 11-27-2003 - 10:27pm
Just putting my two cents in:

Hi! I post often to keep my sanity and am 11 wks along on Friday. This board is a life saver for me. I get all my anxiety out in my postings. The worry never stops with me.

Like Maria, I had a baby girl two years ago and I never ever worried once in that pregnancy about m/c ! its amazing the difference with me now. My last pregnancy I miscarried in the 12th wk. I am a semi paranoid mess but have been faking normalcy to friends and family as best I can.

Just checking in!


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Fri, 11-28-2003 - 8:27am
Beth, I smiled at your post!! I'm also a paranoid mess but show a lot of normalcy to those around me - we should win oscars!! I think many of us here are like that.

continuing to send you good, positive thoughts!


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Fri, 11-28-2003 - 1:53pm


I am one of "newbies" here, but already feel so much at home. This board was my souse of comfort and encouragement since the day i found it. Thank you all!

I am in a middle of my 7 week and starting to feel a little bit easier now that i saw a HB and everything was right on target on U/S. I don't have another appt (which would actually be my FIRST real appt) till Jan 7. I will be 13.5 weeks then. That seems sooo far away, but i am trying not to worry about it yet. If i feel very anxious again or have any real reason to worry (hard not to have one LoL) i will call Dr and try to get in earlier. I don't have too many symptoms (never had m/s with other pg either) but i feel so different then with other pg. When i was leaving U/S clinic, there was another woman getting her U/S picture (she didn't look pg yet so i assume she is very early too) and she was SOOOOOOOOOO happy. She was glowing and beaming with that joy. I felt so envious of her, i want that "innocence" back. I left the clinic and cried my eyes out in a bathroom for 10 mins before i could get to the car. The part was that it was my angel's EDD and i feel like i should have a BABY in my arms not a blurry image of something you would not guess what if they didn't mark it.

Sorry, didn't mean to whine. I am looking forward to share that rocky journey with all of you and i hope we will have many many happy moments on that boards and all scares will be for nothing (i know it is not possible unfortunately but can a girl dream). If you ever want to contact me you are welcome to e-mail me through my profile. And i will try to be here as much as i can to share any knowledge i might have or just be here to listen and give some huge warm comforting cuddly cyber hugs.


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