Roll Call 12/26/033 - How are you doing?

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Roll Call 12/26/033 - How are you doing?
Sat, 12-27-2003 - 12:30am
Hello, Wonderful Women!

I was hoping I could get some updates from you! Specifically, please let me know how you're feeling, what you're looking forward to most, and how far along you are. Any other details are also welcome.

I am 21 weeks today. I'm feeling pretty healthy (which scares me), but I'm also starting to feel the little diva kicking (which really helps!) I am really looking forward to my 22 week u/s.

Looking forward to reading from you all!


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Sat, 12-27-2003 - 7:39am
Hi everyone,

I have been having a wonderfull Holiday. been very busy but now the family members have returned home so I can relax a little more. We had a wonderful vist with our nephew and I miss him so much already.

I am now 15W. I have a Dr app on the 5th and an US on 14th. So Hopefully everything is going fine. I have a little belly but I still havent' gained any weight. (that is begining to bother me.) I am feeling good (and that bothers me too LOL)

Happy New Year everyone.!!!!


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Sat, 12-27-2003 - 3:40pm
Hey Ladies!

I am at a milestone as of right now- I am 11w 2d, right at the point at which I lost the last one, except that everything is going fine, I'm pretty sure. I had pretty much lost my symptoms completely at this point, and sorry if this is tmi, but one day my boobs literally felt like the air had been let out of them- all the changes that had been taking place were gone, not this time. DH has noticed the difference too. They've been REALLY sore the last few days. I am still a little ill sometimes, and every day I feel the need to nap. Yesterday we were out shopping for like an hour, and I just wanted to quit, go home and sleep. LOL

We still haven't told the majority of our family (all out of state). I am planning on telling my employer right after my next appt on Jan 7. I figure I'm going to have to soon anyway. We were going to tell on xmas, but I chickened out- still uncomfortable with telling. I feel that won't ever go away!

Anyway, that's my update. Thanks for posting this!

Love, Kendra

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