Roll call for whole board!

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Roll call for whole board!
Fri, 01-23-2004 - 12:45pm

I did one of these on the July EC board too, it was a lot of fun!

Just reply with a little info about yourself... we can use the number of responses to see how many members we have about now...

Don't respond to any posts because it will screw up the count.

So, HI!

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Fri, 01-23-2004 - 1:15pm
Hi Lisa,

I am Krista. PG with # 1 as well. I am 27 and had one loss in July of 2003. I am now 19W 1Day and counting down to the half way mark. I am slowly getting more excited but I am still cautious and nervous everyday. I wish everyone a happy and healthy PG. You are all such a wonderful group of women.


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Krista and Gabriel

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Fri, 01-23-2004 - 2:24pm
Hi... I'm Tracy

I just turned 30 on the 29th of December and then found out I was pg on the 30th!!! YIKES!! hahahaha This is our first. I m/c naturally back in April 2003 and it took 6 (very frustrating) months for my body to get back to normal.

I am 7wks 4d along now, and at my first dr. appointment this past Monday, they gave me an edd of 9/7. :o)

DH and I are very skeptical, scared and excited all at the same time. Looking forward to the u/s on 2/13.

Congratulations and SBV's to all!! :o)

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Fri, 01-23-2004 - 3:48pm
Hi, I'm Lynn. I'll be 34 in a couple of weeks (I just got used to being 33...ugh). DH & I have a 2-1/2 YO DS. I had a missed m/c in Sept and D&C on 10/1/03. I was 10 weeks but baby measured 8w6d. It took 10 1/2 LONG weeks for my first AF to arrive. But luckily got PG just after that on 2nd O.

I'm hanging in there at 5-6 weeks. I'm due September 19 but assume that this one will come a bit early like DS did, so maybe end of August.


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Fri, 01-23-2004 - 4:03pm
Hi! I'm Jen. I am 33 years old and DH and I are expecting our first baby. I had a blighted ovum with a D&C in July 2003, and I have now made it to 12w3d with this pregnancy. We are very, very excited and glad to have finally made it to 12 weeks.

Best wishes to all for a happy, healthy pregnancy!


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Fri, 01-23-2004 - 4:08pm
Hi, I'm Sally. I'm 33. We have an almost-3 YO DD (who is VERY excited about being a big sis and calls the baby "My baby" all the time). I had a missed m/c last August at 10.5 weeks and got pg 2 cycles after d&c at the beginning of November.

I've been pretty nervous this whole time but I actually felt the baby move last night on two separate occasions, each lasting about 20 minutes. I was not expecting this at 13 weeks, so I'm just elated. I just can't believe the difference that has made on my outlook. This baby's due July 30, and will be delivered by repeat c-section sometime around there. We aren't finding out what we're having - we love the surprise and frustrating the rest of our families (so far we have 6 girls, 0 boys in our extended family).

I wish all of you the best and the most powerful SBVs out there!


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Fri, 01-23-2004 - 4:11pm
I'm Kate, I'm 26 now (27 in May). I have a daughter, Emily, who is 3 1/2 and am working on #2 after a m/c (blighted ovum) in October 2003. I'm about 10 weeks - never got a period after the m/c so we can't be exactly sure, but 2 u/s have shown approximate dates. This has also been a high-risk pg because of heavy bleeding in December and spotting for 3 more weeks, but as of this past Monday all the bleeding is gone and we've seen the heartbeat twice, so things are looking good!

Belly rubs and sticky baby vibes all around...


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Fri, 01-23-2004 - 8:20pm
Hi, I'm Linda. I'm 37 and have been married for 13 years. We have a beautiful 4 1/2 year old boy (the love of our lives!). I m/c'd in Sept. at 8 weeks. I was then lucky enough to get pregnant again on the first try! I am 12 weeks pregnant today, and everything is going great. It's been an emotional 5 months of ups and downs, but all "ups" now.

I have to chuckle because I'm the "old" one in the group! 10 years ago, if you told me I'd be pregnant at 37, I would have laughed at you. But here I am, and I'm thrilled!

Sticky baby vibes to everyone.


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Fri, 01-23-2004 - 8:45pm
Hi, I'm Kori. I'm 34 but will be 35 when the baby comes. I miscarried in Oct '03. Had a heartbeat at 8 weeks, went in for a first trimester screening at 11 1/2 weeks and there was no heartbeat. Fetus measured at 9 weeks they said. Am pg with #2 but just got blood work back that says I have low progesterone. I am freaking out. I started taking the progesterone suppositories, but won't know anything until my first u/s on Feb 6th. At least my HCG levels are increasing well. I am praying with a little progesterone everything will be ok, but like I said, I am freaking out.


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Fri, 01-23-2004 - 9:29pm
My name is Christy. I am a 31 year old SAHM to a beautiful DD, CJ (Clara June). She was named after DH's late Grandmother & my late Mom. My LMP before getting pg with CJ was on my Mom's bday & her EDD was DH's Grandmother's about coincidences!

We lost our ~i~ in April 03 at 11 weeks. It wasn't exactly a planned pg b/c our DD was only 8 months old at the time, but that baby was VERY much wanted.

After 10 cycles of TTC after our loss (charting, ck'ing cp & cm, taking Robitussin, gulping down B6 & eating enough baby carrots to choke a horse), we finally got pg on our break cycle on Christmas Day! We found out we were pg on the 4th anniversary of my Mom's passing.

I'm quite sick this time, which is very diff than the pg with our ~i~, so I am MORE than pleased that this pg will stick.

Hugs to you all. So glad to meet you all!


~Christy - SAHM to Clara (6/02), Jenna (9/04), Jack (11/06) and Baby Collin (EDD 12/28)


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Sat, 01-24-2004 - 12:08am
Hi everyone! I'm Anna and I just turned 32 a couple of weeks ago. DH and I are expecting our 3rd on March 14th. I will be 33 wks on Sunday and still can't believe it. We have a DD who is 9 1/2 and a DS who will be 6 in February. We had a miscarriage between the two of them in '96 and another in Aug '02. We kind of took it for granted that we'd get pregnant again right away, as we never tried for more than a few months with any of the others. After 6 mos or so (charting, using progest cream and taking B6,) I saw my doctor and he suggested Clomid. I filled the prescription and waited for AF to show so I could start it. Well, she never came! We found out we were pg on July 3rd (8 dpo.) We have been extremely nervous throughout this pregnancy, but are finally beginning to believe that it might actually happen again.

I am so happy for all of you and wish you all the very best. You just have to take each day as it comes, each little milestone that you pass makes it a little easier. All the best to all of you!


and Katherine "Katie" Elizabeth edd 3-14-04