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Sun, 02-08-2004 - 9:00pm
after having a m/c in october at about 6 weeks, i found out i was pregnant last wed. my first appt is tomorrow. i definatley feel pregnant. dh and i bd earlier today, and a few times after i wiped (tmi)after going to the bathroom, i had the tiniest spot of red. not bright at all, and literally a drop. could this be from bd or am i on the same road as last time?thanks for any advise!
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Mon, 02-09-2004 - 1:31pm

Welcome to our "worry board"

Pg after a loss is a very scary and nervous experience. We all here know and understand all the worries and challenges of this journey. So, please ask, vent, share your fears and happy moments and i hope you will find all the support and understanding you are looking for here. Wishing your stay here is long and joyful.

Congratulations on your new pg and wishing you H&H nine months uneventful and happy. Sending you SBV and positive thoughts. As for your question, spotting early in pg is common and not always the sign of trouble. Your cervix is very sensitive and it is normal to bleed after internal exam, u/s or even sex. Call your Dr and let them know though. They might want to see you for an u/s or order series of HCG draws (HCG should double every 48 - 72 hours early in pg) and check your progesterone levels as well.


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congrats on your Preg.

the spotting is proably from BDing and you may have some more if you have an internal exam at the Dr. Don't worry unless the spotting gets heavier or if you have cramping.

Sticky baby vibes.



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hi katherine and krista-thanks so much for your advise. i had my first appt scheduled today. i mentioned the slight spotting, and he said it could go either way, which didn't make me feel too good! when he did the pap, he said as soon as he did it, he saw the cervix/blood vessel bleed, which made me feel better that it hopefully is a sensitive cervix instead of impending m/c. i did have hcg done, but at my request, not his. he said i could have this from the pap and/or bding for the next day or so, but i feel slightly better. thanks so much, and good luck to you both. jill