Any May EDD?

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Any May EDD?
Mon, 02-09-2004 - 5:43pm

I feel as if I am the only May edd here, but I know there must be a few others. Is anyone else starting to freak out about the apparent reality that we will soon be mothers? Is anyone else wondering how much bigger we can get? I only gained a lb at my last app't, but I gained an inch in my waistline (creepy). Is anyone else feeling like a vessel? I'm also wondering how I can keep baby growing and still have room for my vital organs inside me. sigh.



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Mon, 02-09-2004 - 6:21pm

I am due May 19th. I was also wondering if there were any other May mommies out there. Yes, it has started to hit me that the next 3 months are going to fly by like the last 6 have! This is the first healthy pregnancy I've had after 2 m/c's, so every month is a milestone and a joy. I have only gained 3 pounds total, but I was overweight to begin with, so I'm right on track. There are nights when I feel like I'm going to "bust" after eating only a little bit. I too wonder how everything's going to fit in this tummy of mine!

Good luck and I'll be thinking of you in the coming months! Sandy : )

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Tue, 02-10-2004 - 12:51pm
ME TOO, ME TOO! I'm due May 26, though I think it will be a little sooner. I am really starting to think about labor & delivery. I schedule my classes on Friday for prepared birth. We are so slap happy it is unreal. We go to the gym together on the weekend and talk about our plans for baby and us. It is so exciting and coming so quickly. Belly rubs.


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Tue, 02-10-2004 - 5:17pm

Hi - I'm also due in May (the 10th).

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Tue, 02-10-2004 - 6:57pm
I'm here ! Due 5/30 with little Philip. He will be my first!