New to this Board -- Love It!

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New to this Board -- Love It!
Tue, 02-17-2004 - 9:22pm
Hi! I have been lurking in the regular EC board room, but never felt an urge to post on them. However, I tried a link to this board, and boy, oh, boy, I am so excited! You guys are all so positive and even though our experiences are different, it is so good to chat with ladies who have gone through something even remotely similar!

I have had two m/c's and took them both really hard. Now, I am at 9 weeks/2 days and am extremely hopeful! Everything is so different this time, in a good way. I have breast tenderness, food aversion (to just about everything except fruit), heartburn, and am very sensitive to smells, especially coffee. I did not have any of these symptoms before (except for a couple of days of tenderness that went away pretty quickly) and like many of you, I am celebrating every little bit of pregnancy weirdness in hopes that it is a good indicator of a healthy pregnancy!

If there is anyone out there with a mid-September due date, I would love to keep in touch as we progress through this wonderful experience!

Best wishes for a happy and healthy 9 months!

Chas and flybaby 9-22-04

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Wed, 02-18-2004 - 7:59am

I am so happy to hear the excitment in your post. Welcome to the board. Congrats on your PG and H&H 9 months to you.


Krista and Gabriel

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Wed, 02-18-2004 - 8:55am
Welcome to the board and congratulations on your pg!!! :o)

This is a WONDERFUL board and a FABULOUS group of ladies post here. I have found such comfort coming here everyday. Some days I don't post, I just read. I laugh with them, and cry with many times I have thought "Geez, I could've written that" :o)

I too can't seem to get into the EC boards. God Bless those ladies that do not have fears and concerns that we have, but its hard to get in sync with them. (at least for me anyway) I find this to be my home... where I feel most understood.

Again, welcome... enjoy your stay. And may you have the best 9months EVER!!! LOL



edd 9/8/04

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Wed, 02-18-2004 - 12:26pm
Welcome, Chas!

The women here really are terrific! Very few questions go unanswered and there are kind words and encouragement for all. We're all stressed out and worried, but find support -- understanding support -- from each other. So, congratulations, welcome, and post often!

SBV and warm fuzzies,



Lucia (5/10/04) & Tique


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Wed, 02-18-2004 - 2:55pm
Hi Chas and are at the right place!!! I dont ever go to any other boards..they just dont get it......I laughed at your coffee smells would make me immediately vomit!

Best Wishes..


22 wks 5days (posting on this board since I was 5 wks).

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Wed, 02-18-2004 - 4:05pm

Hi Chas -

I too had a major coffee smell aversion during my first trimester!

Congratulations on your pregnancy, and welcome to the PAL board, this is definitely a great board to hang out in.

I do frequent my EC quite a bit, but I often avoid the threads such as "I think I'm gaining too much weight" and "I look so fat!"

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