New and wondering

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New and wondering
Tue, 02-24-2004 - 3:59pm

I have a 2.5yr old. That pregnancy was perfect, no symptoms or anything. Then within the last year I have had three miscarriages. 1st at 6wks in April, 2nd at 5wks in september, and 3rd at 4wks in november. When I went in my hcg was already dropping with a three. I am now 7wks 5days. My first hcg came back very high. with a progesterone of 28 on 2-13. then I went back on the 20th they did not take an hcg, but my progesterone had gone down to 19. I am supposed to go back in for another progesterone test on the 27th and am a little worried. My doc says that low progesterone with no symptoms means nothing, but will put me on progesterone if it drops below 16. I want this baby so badly. I have not had anyreason to wrry yet this pregnancy, but a scared since i have had three fail already. i have hope that this one will work out since i am already further than i had been with the last 3. I think i would feel a lot more comfortable with an u/s, but am afraid of what i might see. Any suggestions would be appriciated.


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Wed, 02-25-2004 - 8:29am

I am so sorry that you have suffered so much. I wish you all the best with this PG. It sounds like you have a good DR that is doing the appropiate testing to ensure things are going well. When is your US? Hopefully you get one soon and you are able to see the HB and you will feel a lot better.



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Wed, 02-25-2004 - 9:21am
It is so confusing when you have been able to have a successful pregnancy and for some reason things start going wrong. I had a problem ovulating this last time after no apparent problems before and you just wonder why things go south. I would be encouraged. If your doctor has mentioned progesterone than he/she is already willing to be proactive and that is the best kind of doctor to have.

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Wed, 02-25-2004 - 10:31am
My advice to you would be to have a vaginal u/s. Monitoring progestorne is great..but your levels sound way way good..In fact my dr. told me she never takes more than one progestrone reading if its good *above 15*. Anyhow, as far long as you are I would think a positive u/s would do much more for you. My dr. felt that after seeing a h/b monitoring hcg levels are not necessary. i would push for a vaginal u/s, you should see a h/b. If thats the case you chances of miscarrigae are reduced to only about 4%.

Hope this helps..


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Thu, 02-26-2004 - 3:34am
Congratulations on your pregnancy! Sounds like you have been through a lot. I would also recommend getting the u/s. As scary as it is, it will also help you to relax once you see that h/b.

:-) Melinda