New here, low HCG's, worried

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New here, low HCG's, worried
Thu, 02-26-2004 - 4:42pm
I'm very new here. I tested sunday night and got a faint line three days before AF was due. I went to the doctor Wed. for pregnancy confirmation and through a pelvic exam she thinks yes I'm pregnant. That's good news. Today she calls me with the results of my HCG and they were at 27. Can you believe it 27, how much lower could they be? So, I will retest Friday to make sure they continue to go up, results for that will come on Monday. And on top of that she tells me my progesterone is borderline and I need progesterone tabs. PERFECT!, as if I didn't have enough worries.

So now instead of being overwhelmed with joy I am preparing for the worst but hoping for the best. My doctor says that mny low HCG levels are probably due to me being very early in a pregnancy. I sure hope so. Think I will go to chruch sunday and say a little prayer. It's just hard to know you're pregnant but that it does not mean that you're going to have baby for sure, it just means your pregnant.

So anyway, I'm happy to be pregnant again. I had D&C Nov. 21 due to no heart beat at 12 week. I was also very pleased with all of the extra tests and u/s planned for me with my doctor since I am officially a "miscarriage patient". At least this time if something happens I will know right away.

Well, I will be as positive as possible and have Faith!


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Thu, 02-26-2004 - 4:58pm

Welcome and congratulations! Many of the women here have used progesterone and are doing very well. I'm sure they will post to tell you. As for the HCG #'s, I can't say I know very well, but Krista and many others do, so watch for posts, the wonderful women here will respond.

Good luck! Positive thoughts and SBV's for you for tomorrow!



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Thu, 02-26-2004 - 8:32pm

You're right on schedule, hCG-wise! There's an ivillage article that lists numbers:,,239037_100655,00.html

And you fit right in there, in the 0-1 weeks after conception range (since you're closer to a week). By Friday you should just about double, but don't panic if it's not quite 54 - it typically takes 24-36 hours to double early on, and then once you hit hCG of 5,000 it takes 48-96 hours to double.

Good luck, hang in there, and vent often - we've all been there and nothing you can do will seem weird here!!


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Fri, 02-27-2004 - 7:42am
Thanks Kate, the article was helpful. I will just wait and see what my results show on Monday.


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Fri, 02-27-2004 - 9:24am


Congrats on your Pregnancy.

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Fri, 02-27-2004 - 12:10pm

Please keep us updated. My first hcg draw at 4 wks exactly *hadnt even missed a period yet* was 45. Dr. told me low numbers are common. its the doubling thats important.

Best Wishes and I will look forward to hearing from you again!


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