Good Luck Alexeyev!!

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Good Luck Alexeyev!!
Fri, 02-27-2004 - 8:15am

Wishing you good luck at your DR appoinment today.

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Fri, 02-27-2004 - 9:32am
I am thinking about you today. Please let us know how things go. I hope everything is perfect!!! Kerry
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Fri, 02-27-2004 - 12:12pm
I didnt know you had an appt! Woo Hoo!

Tell us how it much sooner for you Alexeyev?!?!?!? Are you counting down the weeks?

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Fri, 02-27-2004 - 2:45pm
Thank you, Ladies!

All went well. I will be 30 weeks tomorrow. My appointments will now be every 2 weeks instead of every month. I can't can't can't believe I'm reporting all this. I never thought I could make it this far.

The appointment itself was fun! The doc measured my belly and told me that size is good, I'm 1/2 cm larger than the average. So that's fine. I'm to watch my weight, but I was also praised since I've gained 20 lbs so far and that's not really bad at all. I was also told I had the best hematocrit count (for anemia) they've ever seen. So, YEAH! I don't have to take daily iron supplements! (soooo constipating). The diva of course had to make her presence known! When doc put the doppler to my belly, she found the HB immediately. Almost as immediately, diva kicked off the mike! Doc put the doppler again and so several times we heard the "whoossh, whooosh, whoosh" followed by a

distinct "thump" of diva kicking the mike again! It was very cute!

My childbirth classes start next week. And now I really need to get on the ball about getting our home ready! And finishing baby's bunting and blanket!!!! EEEEEEEEE!!!!!!


(smiling broadly)


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Fri, 02-27-2004 - 5:11pm


I am so happy to hear such a positive report.

Krista - Mommy to Gabriel (June 10, 2004)

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Fri, 02-27-2004 - 10:30pm
Hey Alexeyev -

What a wonderful day for you! That is so exciting that little diva is so interactive with the outside world already. Now that is what I call early socialization!



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