Low HCG's, results are in

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Low HCG's, results are in
Mon, 03-01-2004 - 1:01pm
Well the results are in. My HCG level on Wed was 27 and on Friday they were 37. So bad news. My doctor says not to worry because very early levels are unknown and unpredictable but I know what is coming. I'm preparing for a D&C or whatever because I know my levels should have at least doubled. I will go in Tuesday for a third HCG test and from there I don't know what my doctor will recommend if my levels are still low, which I expect they will be.

So this is not good news, but it's not as hard as it was with my first D&C after 12 weeks of thinking I was pregnant. I'm going on vaccation Friday and I hope I get my final answer before then.


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Mon, 03-01-2004 - 1:49pm

I am so sorry about your numbers. I agree that at least there will a quick resolution with this pregnancy. If the low hcgs continue to confirm an immenent miscarriage, I hope to see you on these boards again very very soon.

Best wishes


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Mon, 03-01-2004 - 5:48pm
hi Holland,

I'm sorry about your levels not being what you hoped. I kind of want to be the voice of optimism here, though. I'm not sure how far along you are, but I've heard that sometimes in the very early going it can take longer than 48 hours for the numbers to double. Even as much as 72 hrs. I think it's important that they're increasing, they just may be taking longer than the 48 hrs for you right now. Please tell us how the next blood draw goes. I'm sending you positive vibes.

hugs and SBVs to you,


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Mon, 03-01-2004 - 6:04pm


I am so sorry that you numbers aren't doubling

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