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New & From the Bayou
Wed, 03-10-2004 - 8:46am
My name is christina I"m 25, my hubby is Scott who is 27...We are from louisiana.. We have been married now for 3 years and 3months... We got pregnant with baby #1 in June of 2002 but lost baby on July 4th 2002.. We had tried 16months for that baby and it was very hard for me to lose it.... Since then we have tried for 18months and last month I lost 25lbs and got pregnant the same month! I took a test monday night and I'm still in shock I think.... I've very excited about this pregnancy but at the same time a little scared... I don't want to mc again... I'm trying to stay positive.. I guess a part of me thought I'd never be a mother... But here I go...


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Wed, 03-10-2004 - 1:45pm


Welcome to the board. Everyone here is GREAT and very supportive. You will find lots of answers to your questions and fears. Sticky vibes to you for a Healthy and Happy 9 months.


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Wed, 03-10-2004 - 3:57pm

Welcome! And congratulations! How far along are you? When is your next appointment? We need to get to know you!

SBV's and congratulations to you!



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Wed, 03-10-2004 - 3:57pm
Hi and welcome to the board.

Its very supportive. I hope you read the posts and realize you are not alone. the first trimester is particularly scary. Please post often!

Best Wishes..


now 26 wks 5 days (after a miscarriage in Aug at 12 wks)

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Thu, 03-11-2004 - 9:38am


Congrats on your PG.

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Thu, 03-11-2004 - 12:11pm
Hello from another Bayou girl:

My name is Tracy and I am also from Louisiana, I miscarried back in May of last year at nine weeks, and I am now five weeks along, praying for this little life to make it into this world. What's neat is that I found out I was pregnant three days before my period was due, which is kind of early (I used the FRE test and a very dark line immediately appeared). I was having some lightheadedness and breast tenderness, and I know the symptoms (I have three girls). I think that the Lord is giving me an opportunity to take care of myself from the beginning, and I was totally caught off guard by this pregnancy, as I had given up on having another baby. I do not post very often, but I have been reading the boards for over three years now. THe ladies on these boards are very understanding and I would recommend this board before any other board I have posted on! I am a graduate student earning my MBA and I am due in November (I am 25 and I live in Monroe). Keep your faith and relax, take things one day at a time!!!!Good luck to you...