Finally brave enough to join this board!

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Finally brave enough to join this board!
Wed, 03-24-2004 - 9:08am
Hello everyone,

My name is Claire and for the last 4 months I have bene hanging out on the ttc after m/c board.

On Dec 13th I had a natural m/c at almost 9 weeks. During an u/s they found that the baby had stopped growing at 8 weeks and that the heart was no longer beating. My bf and I were devastated as you can all imagine. The Dr was really great, he gave me blood tests to monitor my beta hcg each week as I did not want a d&c. On Dec 22nd my beta hcg was down to 3 which is concidered negative and he ran one more test on Dec 29th just to be sure. To everyones surprise my beta hcg came back with a reading of 6! I was shocked but we were all very hesitant and did not concider this to be positive. We were told to wait 2 weeks and come back for more blood work. On Jan 14th my beta hcg read 1137 followed by 3443 on Jan 14th. I was truly pregnant again only 16 days after my m/c started. I couldnt beleive it!

I had numerous rounds of beta blood tests to monitor the pregnancy and three u/s! My first was at 7 weeks, then 9 weeks, then 13 weeks. When everything checked out I was finally able to start enjoying this pregnancy. I am now 15 weeks 1 day and have finally worked up the courage to join this board. I hope that I haven't bored any of you with this lengthy story. (just be thankful I gave you the short

Thank-you for listening and congratulations to all of you who have made it here with me.


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Wed, 03-24-2004 - 9:18am
Wow...that is truly an amazing story. I'm very happy for you! I wish you the best of luck and you are in my prayers!


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Wed, 03-24-2004 - 11:34am
Hi Claire,

Welcome to the board! Wow! What an amazing story! Congratulations!! I had an early m/c Sept.2003. In January I found out I was pregnant again. I'm now 16 weeks along. It's been a nerve wracking 16 weeks. I have relaxed some once I hit week 14. But everyday It crosses my mind wondering if the baby is healthy & well. It's gonna be a long Spring & Summer!

Have a wonderful day!


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Wed, 03-24-2004 - 11:46am


Welcome to the board.

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Wed, 03-24-2004 - 2:18pm
Welcome to the board Claire, and congratulations on your pregnancy! I hope everything continues to go well for you! I had an extremely similar experience with my last m/c, so I can definitely relate to your devastation. (((hugs))) I am happy for you that you did get pregnant again, and I hope you can enjoy it. You definitely learn to appreciate the little things about it more!

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Thu, 03-25-2004 - 7:43am
Hi Claire and welcome. Your story is amazing! You got pg again 16 days after your m/c? That is a true miracle. I'm so happy for you, and pleased to read you are 15 weeks along into the 2nd trimester, the "safe zone".

I recognize your name from the TTCAM Board (I'm also a former TTCAM member, having m/c'd in September).

Welcome and have a great pregnancy!


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Thu, 03-25-2004 - 8:30am
I would like to thank all of you for your warm welcome. We are all so lucky to have such a place that we can come to in our times of need. Also I think it is wonderful that this board can grow with us as we progress in our ttc and pg journey.

Thank-you all for being here.


15 weeks.

P.S I am in Ontario for those of you who asked. :)