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Fri, 03-26-2004 - 2:56pm
My name is Bonnie & I had gotten pg to the day I planned to make my dc 2 years apart. At 10w all pg symptoms ceased overnight and at 12w I started to spot. My blighted ovum was confirmed 2 days later when I was given some induction tablets to speed the mc along (dh was going to be traveling, so I wanted the mc to happen while I had his support). It took another 10.5w for hCG to drop below 2.

This month I was supposed to hold off for an oral surgery set up on April 9th. But dh has been wishy-washy on TTC again, so with my OB's permission she said if he happened to be onboard around O forget the surgery, get pg & we'll work something out for the surgery (most likely in 2nd trimester or with a local only).

Due to the impending surgery & more appts needed to be made my OB had me go in for a blood test on Tuesday. (Normally I O & AF on Sun, but this month I felt O pains on Sat, so I'm not sure if I was 9 or 10dpo.) Wed is my OB's day in the hospital so when the results were not called in by her assistant in the AM I knew something was up. Around 4PM the OB who had confirmed my mc (my OB was out of town then) called to discuss my numbers. She did not want to call it a pg because they were so low. She then said if I didn't see AF over the weekend come back in for another blood test on Monday.

As all of you know, you're not going to sit around wondering if you're going to mc. So I bought some FRE's. Added up my #'s (I was at 6 on Tue) figuring I should be hitting 24 either on Sat or Sun.

I took a FRE this morning (Fri), 1-2 days before AF, and the faintish line is already much-much darker than the one from my last pg's test at 5 days late.

In my research I found at WebMD the average time to implant is 9.1 days. Therefore, even though I was only at a 6 on Tue it's actually a very good sign since we now know I implanted on or before 9dpo.

Therefore, I'm taking the next 2 steps. I'm sighing in relief for I am pg before my 4/22 EDD & I'm joining this group!


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Fri, 03-26-2004 - 3:17pm

Hi Bonnie.


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Fri, 03-26-2004 - 3:24pm

So nice to see you here! Welcome and congrats on your BFP! Wishing you a very H&H 9 months!!



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Sat, 03-27-2004 - 6:25am

Congrats on your bfp! I think when you got your blood test it was just very early. If you look at typical hcg beta levels you'll notice that at 3-4 weeks, it's normal to have a level in the single digits. (Here's a link to one of those charts, if you're curious If you got a bfp with FRE, that means you should be at least 25 now. I'll keep you in my thoughts this week and hope you get another blood test that will confirm things. Did you decide to tell dh?

Thanks so much for your well wishes for me. I especially thank you for remembering the struggle I went through last month with that chemical pregnancy. Not many people in my "real" life know about that and I relied on my online friends for support! Thanks for being there!

P&PT to you.... keep us updated!

:) Sue

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Mon, 03-29-2004 - 6:50am


Congratulations on your PG and welcome to the board.

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Mon, 03-29-2004 - 7:05pm

Congratulations on your positive test. Sometimes things don't look super great to begin with but develop into permanent pregnancies. I had bad numbers to begin with and my doctor told me it wasn't a good chance I would stay pregnant, but he gave me a chance and helped me through it and my numbers did get a lot better. I also had ovulated late so that affected how high my numbers were. Good luck and I hope your doctor gives you the much needed support that you need. She sounds wonderful.

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