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New Here
Sun, 03-28-2004 - 2:21pm
I'm new here and very happy to be. I have a 2-year old son, but had a mc last November that was devasting, although it was pretty early (6 weeks). I just thought I'd have another healthy pregnancy. Of course we told this morning I took a Postive test and am thrilled. However, we've decided not to get anyone elses hopes up again, so I only have you to talk to. I'm so nervous, I'm still shaking and very, very scared. You just take it for granted that you'll have another healthy pregnancy...then when it fails, it's hard to get excited. I hope to be here for a long time and hope to be able to support any of you, because I'm sure I'll need it over the next couple of weeks.


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Mon, 03-29-2004 - 7:14am


Congratulations on your PG.

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Mon, 03-29-2004 - 12:42pm

We have all been there. I have been on these boards since week 5. The ladies here are a great source of support. I didnt tell people about this pregnancy until 16 wks..

after losing my last one at 12 wks.

The posts here are very informative and supportive.

Post often!

Best Wishes..


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Mon, 03-29-2004 - 6:54pm

Congratulations Dawn and welcome to the boards. This is the most supportive group of women anywhere. I love it here. It is hard after your first loss because miscarriage isn't even in your vocabulary. You get pregnant and just assume you will have the baby and it really takes the steam out of you for the next time. You are filled with so much more worry and fear, but it does get better. :)

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Wed, 03-31-2004 - 8:53pm
Hi Dawn,

Congratulations! Welcome to the boards! I can relate well to your story. I have a 3 1/2 yr old son. I had an early(5 weeks) m/c Sept.2003. In January I found out I was pregnant again. My m/c really threw me for an emotional loop. In some ways I was scared to get pregnant again for fear I would m/c again. I'm now 17 weeks along! I am starting to feel more confident but I still have fears on a daily basis. I think once I can feel the baby move on a regular basis I'll relax more. I'm also hoping my next OB appt. in 2 weeks will help me feel better about everything also.

This bunch of wonderful ladies have given me so much comfort & support!


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Thu, 04-01-2004 - 8:22am
Congrats on your new pregnancy. I have only been here about a week, but the girls here are great!!! I have had 2 previous losses (1 ectopic in February and lost my tube, the 2nd twins in December) so I really feel I will never carry a baby to term. But these girls help aLOT!!!

We hope to see you here for a while as well!!!

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Fri, 04-02-2004 - 7:29am
Hi Dawn, My name is also Dawn and I am also due on December 5th and scared to death. I have a daughter Samantha that was born 8/31/93 and another daughter that was born 7/08/00. I had a miscarriage at 9 weeks on 9/2/99 and a partial molar pregnancy at 10 weeks on 11/21/04. I just found out on Sunday that I am expecting. I went to the Doctor on Monday for a bool test and he said my levels are fine. The problem is that I feel each little cramp or ache and begin to panic. I have told my friends and family because no matter what I will need their support. They have all been through this with me too many times. I feel so blessed to have another chance. I just pray to God it all works out. I will be praying for you too. We should keep in touch. My e-mail address is Feel free to contact me anytime. My prayers are with you!!!


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Fri, 04-02-2004 - 7:54am
Hello Dawn

Another Dawn here! I have a DD (Elizabeth) who is almost two and had a missied miscarriage in October of 2003. My husband was so excited to find out we were pregnant again he told everyone! So it was a horrible experience to have to go around a 10 weeks and tell everyone we had lost the baby. I am 7 1/2 weeks now and didn't want to tell anyone this time, but I have been having terrible m/s so the people I work with know and our families know because they have been helping us out alot. I look forward to getting to know you better and hope all goes well for you this pregnancy!


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Fri, 04-02-2004 - 9:54am
Hello, I just wanted to write and welcome you. I have healthy daughter that is three and then had a m/c in November 03. I know what you are saying when you take a normal pg forgranted. I got pg in college with a guy that took off running about three months into things. My pg went wonderful to the tee. I met my husband when my daughter was 7 months old and he has been her "daddy" ever since. We just assumed that things would go fine when we decided that it was time to have more children. We tried for two years before we finally found out that I was pg. We were sooo excited and told everyone. I knew that my grandmother had three m/c and my aunt was never able to have children. I guess that I figured that I would just take after my mom who had three with no problems. Well I had spotting throughout the first eight weeks but the doctor said that some spotting is sometimes normal there was no cramping so things should be fine. He finally ordered an u/s at 11 weeks. While we were there the tech said nothing. She showed us nothing and wouldnt answer any questions. We had to call our doctor and find out that all development had stopped at about six weeks. My whole world came crashing down. I was an absolute mess. For over a month I hadnt even been pg. Over the weekend some cramping started. We had an appt for a d/c on that monday but sun. night I started bleeding in waterfalls. I ended up losing so much blood that I was passing out. They did an emergency d/c at 4 in the morning. I woke up feeling drained and heartbroken. We decided to try again and in January we found out I was pg again already. These ladies on this board are wonderful. They will ease all fears and answer any questions. Remember we all come here with the experience of losing a baby. We all have fears and concerns that seem silly to everyone else but here we are all understood. I have only been posting a few weeks and I already feel soooo much better. We also waited to tell about this pg until after our first wonderful u/s. Hang in there and know that there are plenty of ladies here ready to listen and support you.


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Sun, 04-04-2004 - 6:25am
Congratulations on your news! I'm pretty new here too. I am now 9 weeks pregnant and I haven't told any one yet as I don't want to worry my family anymore. I had a m/c nov 99, gave birth to a healty son 26 feb 2001, then went on to have a beautiful daughter on 25/09/03 who I sadly lost to SIDS. Of course it was a very upsetting time for the whole family. My sister is due next month and i am dreading it because she is having a girl and I haven't seen a little girl since my daughter died. I am so scared but excited about this pregnancy, but I don't want to worry my family any more. I don't have my first u/s untill 12 weeks then I will tell my family. Yes we do take it for granted that we'll have a healty pregnancy. Good luck and I hope all goes well.

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