RC - First trimester March 29/04

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RC - First trimester March 29/04
Mon, 03-29-2004 - 1:30pm

WOW we have had so many new members over the last few weeks I find it hard to keep track of everyone.

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Mon, 03-29-2004 - 1:42pm

Hi hon,

Chrissy here...kinda afraid to jinx anything, LOL

I'll be the first to answer though :)

- How are you feeling? what are your symptoms?

I am sick as a friggin dog and totally thrilled...I am tired and crabby and having to run to the potty alot

- When is your next appoinment?

Any day this week that I choose to go get my next blood draw (depends on work schedule) We haven't gone as far as to "schedule" appts for me, I am pg on a day to day basis right now.

- Are you having complications or are things going smoothly? briefly explain the PG so far.

So far my only complication is my low progesterone. It is still at 5.5, but my betas are rising nicely. If this one sticks, I have a long road ahead though. I will be having a cerclage at 12-13 weeks because of my incompitent cervix and ptl.

- Who have you told or when are you planning on spreading the news?

Dh of course, but other than ya'll and him, just my mom...she called to tell me I was pg (she has a wierd sense about her when he children are/or get someone knocked up, LOL) We will tell my boss and family members and church around 10 weeks.




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Mon, 03-29-2004 - 2:24pm
I'm like Chrissy, afraid to jinx this, but I'll respond:

- How are you feeling? what are your symptoms? mostly crappy. Not sick, just not well. I have indigestion 24/7 and nauseous after I eat. REALLY tired and cranky.

- When is your next appoinment? Tomorrow I go for another u/s and my 3rd work up for blood.

- Are you having complications or are things going smoothly? briefly explain the PG so far. I am just 5 weeks today, so as far as I know things are smooth. My Betas have been VERY high : 4w3d (16dpo) 503 and 435d 1046.

- Who have you told or when are you planning on spreading the news? I told my parents, DH's parents and my sisters. My one friend figured it out. Other than that, we are holding off as long as we can.

Hugs everyone!

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Mon, 03-29-2004 - 3:59pm
Hi! Here I am checking in!

symptoms: none, really, which is sort of worrying me. I suppose I should feel lucky that I haven't had to deal with m/s and sore bbs this time around, but those symptoms would also reassure me that the pg is still going strong. Now I just wait (nervously) until my next OB appt.

next appoinment: I have a nuchal translucency screening on April 7, then I'll have another regular OB visit at the end of April.

So far things are going smoothly. At my last appointment, tho', my Dr couldn't find the hb on the doppler (I was 10w6d at that point), so she did an ultrasound. Fortunately, the baby's hb was clearly there, and everything else was right on track for my dates. Whew!

We haven't really told too many people, yet. We're waiting until I'm further along (but maybe after the NT next week we'll tell our parents). My mom really took our loss hard, and she's pretty sick, so I don't want her worrying too early on, in case the worst happens and we lose this one, too. But, because we've had a hard time keeping the news only to ourselves, DH told his brother and I told my SIL. I also told the coffee shop guy (i'm a regular, he asked how I was doing, so I told him -- he knew about my m/c. He belongs to a bible study and his group is praying for us, which is kinda nice). I was also at a bridal shower last weekend where I told a friend of mine (she's 4 months pg).

EGAD! I'm not doing a very good job of keeping this thing quiet!LOL


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Mon, 03-29-2004 - 4:05pm
Hi--I'm afraid I've been getting too excited. But it's been such a long wait for me I can't help it. :) Sue

- How are you feeling? what are your symptoms?

My breasts are extremely sore, I'm queasy but not vomiting, bad indigestion, pulling pains in my lower abdomen.

- When is your next appointment? I'm having another blood draw this week (dr. is reducing my progesterone supplements b/c levels are so high), still waiting on date for 1st u/s, but I'm assured it will be "early".

- Are you having complications or are things going smoothly? briefly explain the PG so far.

If this pregnancy sticks, I will have some decisions to make in a few weeks about genetic screening (CVS or amnio) because I have increased risk of genetic problems (due to a genetic disorder in a previous pregnancy).

- Who have you told or when are you planning on spreading the news?

We've told my gym trainer (weird choice, I know--but I've quit going to the gym 1st trimester and needed to explain my absence--he's also our good friend and knew we were trying), and my MIL because we are close and she will not overreact about anything, just support us. DH also told a friend at work. I have told NONE of my friends or family. It's been too hard to tell them bad news, twice before. I'm thinking of telling my mom after we see the heartbeat (maybe mother's day?) and others after the 1st trimester and genetic screening.

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Mon, 03-29-2004 - 5:31pm
Checking in here

Symptoms: none really, unlike last 2 pg that were non-stop nausea and heartburn. I've even been able to continue eating spicy foods!!! But I will say, some foods just don't sound good, but don't make me ill

Complications: None to speak of yet and hopefully for good. I saw a specialist after last m/c and with history of premature delivery too, they recommended using progesterone supplements (which my doctor started earlier than they had intended, so I have suppositories until 12 or 13 weeks then will continue or do injections until 34 wks) And we have talked about cerclage, but I and they are not convinced it will make a difference, so I probably won't do that

Appointments: Had 7 wk US with strong heartbeat. My doctor doesn't do bloodwork (didn't with last two either) Have next US April 7 and 12 week appt. on the 8th

Who have I told: DH of course. I told my boss only because I am department head and we were doing budgets for next year and I needed to budget coverage. Other than that, we will tell family at Easter. I have these adorable little Anne Geddess frames that will be perfect for the 12 week US

Take Care


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Mon, 03-29-2004 - 7:08pm

I have had sore bb's, lower burning back pain & small cramps. Bouts of happiness & bouts of irritability. Had a strong craving for chocolate, but that's going away. Other than that, I'm feeling really good.


I had a blood draw today, guessing I'll have an u/s in about 2-3 weeks to check on my dermoid cyst. We'll see what the office says tomorrow when the call me with my results.


Last week had a bood draw & the numbers were borderline pg. The OB (mine was not in that day) sounded very concerned, which scared me. After doing some research & really listening to my body, I am not too concerned. I feel this is a sticky baby.


Dh, who is in still in denial. My little sister who's had 4 mc's herself & currently seeing specialist through her 4th & final healthy pg. I guess my mom will know if she keeps asking too many questions. Pefer to hold off on telling anyone until I hear/see a hb, at the same time, if something went wrong I'd rather have the support of my family.



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Mon, 03-29-2004 - 8:16pm
Hi All,

Feeling/ Symptoms--Sore BB and loving it

No m/s (wish I did)

Craving--peanut butter

I feel tired (I nap for 45 mins. every day after work)I am a 1st grade teacher so I am on all the time. I have found myself sitting a lot more. The kids have noticed which made me feel horrible so I guess I need to find a better balance of sitting and moving all around.

Next Appt- Tues. April 6th for a second u/s. First u/s was 3/19 and we saw a well implanted 5 week sack.

Things so Far- I have more symptoms this pg and am loving it. My numbers were good so my dr. stopped taking blood. He is being very understanding and is willing to do a third u/s at about 12-14 weeks. I have gained some weight after loosing over 25 pounds so havign a mentally tough time with that. But, I keep rememberign what we will have in the end.

Who we told-- We were going to keep it quiet, but... my whole family knows, my dh family knows (his dad has been the worst at telling everyone). A few friends know and one or two people at work. I don't plan on telling them until the middle of May.



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Mon, 03-29-2004 - 9:59pm
Nearing the end of my first trimester!

How am I feeling?

Still tired, tender breasts, food aversions not so severe now...starting to get major hunger! Peeing even more.

Next appt.

U/s (first one) on Friday, and I will see my midwife near the end of April (can't remember the exact date, LOL)

No complications. Have been feeling much more pregnant than last time (when I didn't have any symptoms at all) and even more than with my DD, I almost actually threw up twice which was a shock to me!

Who have I told, LOL

We told most of my parents and my sister right away, I told my close friends then too. After a few weeks we told DH's side (around 7 weeks) and then I told the rest of my friends too. I've always blabbed ASAP, I'm all social butterfly, LOL.

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Tue, 03-30-2004 - 8:51am



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Wed, 03-31-2004 - 12:39pm
HI! I've posted on some other questions in recent days... I'm 36, DH 33, and this is my 2nd pregnancy. 1st was Aug-Sept last year, ending in blighted ovum finding and d&c. I'm a teacher and my timing is lousy, but one takes what one can get! :) My EDD is 11/19 by some calculators, 11/22 by others. I'm about 6 1/2 wks.

- How are you feeling? what are your symptoms?

--->I feel pretty good, which is scary since I felt good last time. you all know what I mean. Sore bbs, but less in past few days. Occasional light nausea, "smell" hallucinations, pelvic pressure, backache/headache at times,

- When is your next appoinment?

--->Next Tues 4/6, for history and hopefully a u/s!

- Are you having complications or are things going smoothly? briefly explain the PG so far.---> no comment...jinx jinx!!

- Who have you told or when are you planning on spreading the news?

--->My husband thought no one knew, but then I admitted a couple of teachers at one of my schools knew. He doesn't know I also told another teacher at my home school and an old friend. If we see an hb on Tues, it will be tough not to spread news, though I know there's still a long road until 12-ish weeks. But I hope to give our moms Grandma cards for Mother's Day! :)